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7 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby – Tip #2

January 30, 2009


Baby clothes are expensive! There is really no way around it, not only are they expensive but babies go through a ton of clothing.  If you have a baby that drools , spits up or is just plain messy baby, you are probably changing the baby two or three times a day.

You probably want to dress baby in cute, trendy clothing.  One thing to remember is THEY DOES NOT CARE WHAT THEY WEAR.  That cute designer outfit you bought was outgrown in about a month.  Here are some tips for dressing baby beautifully and saving money.

Clothing exchange – If you have friends or family that have children older or younger than yours borrow!  Babies outgrow clothing so fast that the borrowed clothing are usually like new.

Buy used – garage sales, thrift shops, even online site such as ebay or craigs list have great items for a fraction of the cost.

Gender neutral – if you are planning on having more than one baby, purchase gender neutral clothing so that they can be handed down from baby to baby.

Protect clothing – if you do have “messy baby” , no matter what you do that baby always gets dirty try one of these bibs

10% off

January 27, 2009


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Don’t forget you are shopping in Canadian dollars so for those of you in the U.S. that equals another savings of approximately 20% ( depending on the exchange rate).

7 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby – Tip #3 Homemade Baby Toys

January 22, 2009


It is amazing how quickly babies grow.  As they grow and develop they out grow their toys.  Another amazing fact is the amount of money we spend on baby toys and how little time baby plays with them.

When you think about it, a simple rattle, the one that baby shakes, makes some noise with and loves to put in the mouth.  Baby plays with that rattle for a few months and then out grows it.  That rattle costs an average of $10- $15.oo.  Baby really doesn’t care that it has designs and a fancy box.

Here are a few tips on homemade baby toys, you can make them as simple or as decorated as you want.

Rice Rattles

Inside a small plastic bottle put some rice or small pebbles.  Secure the lid tightly.  Simple and easy, if the lid becomes loose take away from baby immediately.

Hand & Foot Rattle

A quick way to make a hand or foot rattle for a baby is to stitch a small existing rattle onto a bootie or mitten. Then place onto the baby to produce a rattling sound when they move.

If you really are not in the mood to make baby toys Kaloo has an inexpensive hand and foot rattle which can grow with baby.

Baby Books

Take a few pieces of cardboard cut to easy to hold sizes.  Cut from magazines pictures of simple, easy to recognize things such as a ball, a dog, a cat etc.  Tape or glue (non toxic glue or tape) onto the cardboard and then cover with plastic.  Simple easy and safe.

7 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby – Tip #4 – Cloth Diapers

January 19, 2009


When my children were babies ( more years ago than I care to remember), we only had one option for diapers and that was clothe.  Then came along the fantastic, easy to use, easy to change, disposable diaper.  What a great invention!

Trying to save money today is no easy feat.   With that in mind cloth diapers have come full circle and have gained immense popularity once again.

Cloth diapering is not as complicated as it used to be with safety pins, Chinese folds, etc.  Today it is simple!

Here are some simple facts to consider:

1) The cost of cloth diapers vs disposable diapers…you save approximately $1000 depending on the which diapers you choose.

2) Cut down on nasty diaper rash with cloth diapers.  Cloth diapers are “breathable” and therefore diaper rash is seldom a problem.

3) Because cloth diapers don’t mask wetness it has been proven easier to potty train your toddler.

4) Cloth diapers are made from natural fibers and therefore are easier on sensitive skin as opposed to chemically treated disposable diapers.

Sophie the Giraffe is Popular with Celebrities!

January 16, 2009


As I was reading Celebrity Baby Blog today this caught my eye.  Not only do we love Sophie the Giraffe but so does Isla Fisher’s daughter Olive.


Since 1961 this popular French baby stocking stuffer, Sophie the Giraffe, has been hand-made in the French Alps.

Sophie the Giraffe is designed to stimulate the senses, and soothe the teething gums.

Sophie the Giraffe, teething toy is made with the finest rubber and food quality paints, and complies with the US safety requirements of ASTM F-963. This teething toy is recommended for ages newborn and older.

7 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby (tip #3)

January 15, 2009


Baby food…with allergy concerns and wanting to save a bit of money there is no easier way to put your mind at easy than making homemade baby food.

It is so very important to your baby’s growth that he be fed the most nutritious food available.  Don’t forget, over the next few years your baby is growing at a very rapid rate.  Babies develop in the first 3 years both physically and intellectually and we want to help maximize that development in any way we can.

Processed baby food have added sugars, starches and water.  Using this ingredients is in no way bad or harmful to baby but they dilute the vitamins and nutrients in the food.  Baby food is then cooked at a very high temperature so that they can be stored in jars at room temperature.  The cooking process kills bacteria so that storing the jars is not an issue.  The problem with this is that vitamins and nutrients are killed in the process

It is so simple and takes no more than 30 minutes a week.  Why not give your baby a great start with homemade baby food.  You will have full control over what goes into the homemade baby food. You will be assured of the freshness and quality of the ingredients.   Homemade baby food allows you to combine flavors, control textures and be in control of you baby’s diet.  Homemade baby food put you in control of your baby’s eating habits, simply and easily.

The Homemade Baby Food Kit by Fresh Baby shows you how easy making homemade baby food is.

Here is a simple way to make homemade baby food –

sweet potato puree

1) wash, peel and chop one sweet potato

2) place sweet potatoes + 2 tbs of water in a microwavable dish and cover.  Microwave 8-10 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes.

3) Puree, add 1/4 -1/2 cup water to make a smooth texture.

4) Spoon into So Easy Baby Food trays and freeze.

This homemade sweet potatoe puree for baby stays fresh in the freezer for 2 months.

To serve, take frozen cubes from the freezer, defrost, warm and serve….don’t forget to check the temperature of the food before serving.

7 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby

January 14, 2009


Tip #2 helping you save money on baby things!

Homemade baby powder

Just thinking about that new baby smell conjures up visions and emotions that are so yummy we never want to forget them.

Creating homemade baby powder that is safe for baby couldn’t be easier.

Mix a few scoops of cornstarch with a few drops of Lavender essential oil.  Shake it up thoroughly and voila!  Homemade baby powder, safe for baby and easy to make.

P.S. never use baby powder that has talc as an ingredient.  Talc can harm the baby’s lungs as the fibers in talc are  small and remain airborne.

7 Ways To Save Money When You Have A Baby

January 13, 2009


Having a baby is very expensive especially in todays challenging economic times .  I have done some research to help ease the financial burden just a bit.  Here is the first in the top 7 easiest ways to help you save some money with a baby on the way.

1) Make your own baby wipes –

To prepare a roll of paper towels to become baby wipes, cut it in half so you have two short rolls and remove the cardboard center. Place a short roll in an airtight, water-proof container (like an old baby wipe box or tupperware container or check out our reusable baby wipe containers), and pour the solution over the towels. Put the lid back on the box and turn it upside down so the solution is absorbed. Blue shop towels have been recommended by mothers for this. The solution could be kept in a jar and cloth towels dipped in it.

1/8 – 1/4 cup oil (mineral or baby oil)
1/8 – 1/4 cup baby shampoo
1-1/2 – 2 cups water
8 drops of lavender oil
5 drops of tea tree oil (optional)
½ roll paper towels

*Add the baby shampoo last, mix the solution gently.

I will be posting new ideas throughout the week so stay tuned!

If you are looking for a particular idea please feel free to ask.

Baby Sweaters, Classic & Cute

January 10, 2009


There is nothing as comfy as pulling on your favorite turtleneck sweater in the winter!  The classic, comfy, warm turtleneck sweater is definitely my favorite winter wear.

Now available at petiteposh you can dress your baby in this warm and cozy roll neck sweater and even get it  personalized with his / her initial.

Made of 100% cotton knit this classic baby  sweater is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Personalization is always a great choice with these gorgeous roll neck sweaters. They will be adored forever.
Available in a rich Pink, Navy and Natural Color.


Crawling Pants with Knee Pads – Brilliant!

January 8, 2009


Way back when my kids were crawling there really wasn’t very much available to protect their little knees from scrapes and scratches.  They would crawl on any surface, wooden flooring, ceramic tiles (very cold), and even ashpalt driveways (painful).

Today there are many options available to protect those little legs from scratches and scrapes.  I have looked at may crawling pants with knee pads, overalls with knee pads and just knee pads for babies without the clothing.   Some crawling pants with knee pads are comfortable but not too stylish.  They are comparable to sleepers with knee pads for babies.

Then I came upon Bees Knees Crawling Pants with knee pads.  Brilliant!  These crawling pants are stylish and comfortable for baby.  They have a roomy design so that even the most active crawler will be comfortable.

Bee’s Knees crawling pants have cushy neoprene insert knee pads that are compression resistant, yet soft and stretchable. Neoprene is specifically designed for medical support and protective products.