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No Wall Flower Here!

May 28, 2008

Remember when you were young you played the game of word association…well, here we go again.   Rain, clouds, thunder, sun, shine, yellow,  happy, spring……fun baby hats for spring & summer!!!!

I just couldn’t resist these adorable hats by Jamie Rae, there are so many to chose from so I pick just a few flowers and all.   These baby hats are fun, fashionable and protect your little one all at the same time.


Red Polka Dot Baby Hat by Jamie Rae                           Candy Pink Stripe Sun Hat for Baby & Toddler       

                                              Pink Sun Hat by Jamie Rae

Caden Lane is more than just crib bedding!

May 27, 2008

Caden Lane makes the best quality crib bedding on the market today.  It is stylish, soft to the touch, washes easily and is loved by us mere mortals and celebrities alike. 

What most people don’t know is that Caden Lane also has a fabulously stylish line of diaper bags.  These diaper bags take you from baby days and beyond.  Always in style with classic lines, wipeable fabrics and room for everything needed, Caden Lane diaper bags are a must have for the fashionista Momma. 


Messenger Diaper Bag by Caden Lane                      Backpack Diaper Bag by Caden Lane


Bowler Style Diaper Bag                                Hobo Diaper Bag by Caden Lane               







Organized on the go

May 22, 2008

Savvy Mom reviewed this Car Bag by Wisey.  This product has got to be the easiest way ever to organize your car.  A trip to the supermarket, no sweat! A trip to Grandma and Grandpa…. not a prob! With this car organizer you will have everything you need for a long or short trip.

This is what Savvy Mom has to say about the Car bag by Wisey:

You know we are a bit obsessed about car organization at Savvy Mom so we were embarrassingly excited about a new option for organizing our locker/car/playpen. The Wisey Car Bag ($29.95) looks good, makes you feel good and might even brighten up the inside of your tired old ride. Our favourite part? You can rip off some of the compartments to take them inside (like the diaper and wipes section or the one where you have the crayons that might come in handy at the resto) and they just snap right back into place when you are done.  Ingeniously designed with the driver in mind, it hangs in the front passenger seat for handy access while driving and then easily turns around when the passenger seat is occupied.

Car Bag Organizer by Wisey                               Car Bag Organizer by Wisey

The Perfect Daddy Diaper Bag for Father’s Day

May 17, 2008

Mother’s day has come and gone (until next year when we once again officially celebrate Moms everywhere).  Father’s day is quickly creeping up on us.  Hmmmm, the perfect gift…what shall we get dear old dad?

How about the perfect Daddy diaper bag.  Now everytime Dad takes his little one for an outing he will be comfortable knowing that everything he needs has been packed and ready to go in his own diaper bag.  Mom has one, why not Dad?

Daddy Diaper BagDaddy Diaper Bag      Daddy Diaper Bag


Pacey the Therapy Dog

May 15, 2008

Ahhhhh, therapy dog day, don’t you love it.  Every day I am up at 5:30 a.m. (yes a.m. as in morning) and off to the gym I go before starting my work day.  Thursdays I get to sleep in until 7:30 ……the sweet sleep of an extra two hours.  I love thursdays…sleep, therapy dog day….and the sun is shining!

Pacey gets so excited on thursdays.  Poor puppy ( 8 year old puppy), her ears flare up, she gets itchy all over and she can’t find a comfortable spot.  Sometimes I can’t figure out if she is excited or anxious.

We drove over to the public school which has the Autistic class that we visit. Pacey jumped out of the car and dragged me into the office to sign in then ran to the classroom.  We had a great visit.  The children were ready and waiting.  Her best friend (we will call him Freddy) was waiting to walk her.  He is non-verbal but signed that he was ready. Throughout the whole visit he does not take his eyes off of her.  Freddy is going to another school next year and I am concerned that no amount of preparation will succeed in preparing him for no more Pacey.

One little boy is always fascinated by her tail.  He is always trying to catch it.  Her tail is constantly wagging when we are there and he has never succeeded in actually catching it.  Today he succeeded!!!!!  Hoots and hollers…..poor Pacey, just stood there not able to move until we succeeded in releasing his grip from her.

At the end of the visit she was extended the invitation of attending graduation next month.  The teacher would like to incorporate in graduation the highlights of the year and Pacey is one of them!  The children will be in the library and they would like Freddy to walk her in.  She will then sit next to him amongst the class for the entire time….let’s just hope she can sit still for that long!  Nice to know she has contributed some good in someones life no matter how small.


Peek a Boo

May 13, 2008

Travelling with baby and/or toddler can be quite a feat!

Check list:

  1. diaper bag full of diapers, baby wipes, bottle, snack, pacifier, teething ring, etc
  2. hat and sweater
  3. blankie or doudou
  4. car seat cover
  5. car seat in place
  6. don’t forget BABY!!!

Hopefully I didn’t forget anything.  So now you have made a few trips to arrange all the baggage and supplies neatly and in place.  While driving you don’t want to have to feel around for anything.  Baby is in the car seat and away you go.

Every now and then you adjust your rear view mirror to see that the baby is happy and comfortable…by now your neck is hurting from turning around and the rear view mirror is just about ready to fall off from constant adjustments.

Petiteposh can help with the neck problem and the rear view mirror!  It is called the “See me smile, bearview mirror.”  Just put it on the passenger seat facing the baby and facing the rear view mirror.  Everytime you want to check up on the baby you can just glance in the rear view mirror and see the smile on your little ones face. 

See Me Smile, the Bearview Mirror



Grobag’s Toddler Bedding

May 8, 2008


OMG, those people at Grobag are amazing!  First they come up with the most innovative baby sleeping bags available and now they come up with innovative toddler bedding! 

If your little one is about to make the transition from Grobag Baby Sleeping bags to duvets and sheets, then this is the perfect solution, the Grobag Duvet and bedding set. 

With the grobag first duvet bedding set, the cover can be securely attached to the fitted bottom sheet using a zip system on both sides, so it’s easy for your little one’s to get into bed, but you’ll have the peace of mind that they can’t fall out! Plus the pillowcase is also attached to the bottom sheet – eliminating the risk of it going over their head in the night.

Integrated duvet cover, pillowcase and fitted sheet

Keeps bedding in place

Makes moving to a big bed easier

Grobag - First Duvet and Bedding set for Toddlers

4 different fabrics are available which will compliment any decor.  Innovative, comfortable, washable and priced for every budget!

Creating a Creation

May 6, 2008

I have been “itching” to do something creative for a few years now.  When I was in high school I would sew.  I loved to sew!  Those were the days when girls had to wear dresses to school.  I remember that eventually, on the last friday of the month , we were allowed to wear whatever we wanted, dress, jeans, pants, sweatshirts.  As long as it was clean and neat you could wear pretty much whatever you wanted.

My sewing days are over, I went on to crocheting.  I crocheted beautiful table clothes, doilies etc.  After my crocheting days I was too busy with my kids and could barely find time to just breath and be by myself let alone create something.

Kids are now grown, I am going to be (very shortly ) a grandmother (can’t wait) and am itching to do something creative.  I wanted to paint the bedroom, but messy painter that I am my husband nixed that idea in the bud.  I have been toying with the idea of aprons for children.  Masculine aprons for boy and frilly for girls…..hmmmmmm, is there a market out there?


Feng Shui for Baby and Beyond

May 6, 2008

Designing a nursery takes the utmost care and thought.  You want to get the colors perfect, the furniture placed so that the space is used efficiently and the decor flawless.  Feng shui in the nursery can add that extra bit of comfort.  Even if you don’t believe in feng shui ( the literal definition is wind-water), we translate feng shui as to help one receive positive, it definitely can’t hurt.

So you have used Baby Spacesto set up the furniture so that feng shui is flowing properly.  You are in the midst of decorating and purchasing toys and plush animals.  Kaloo has come out with a fabulous limited edition line of feng shui Kaloo toys

Kaloo Feng Shui Bunny Rabbit                              Kaloo Doudou Bear - New Kaloo Feng Shui collection                      Feng Shui Yellow Teddy Bear by Kaloo Limited Edition           Kaloo Plush Toy Feng Shui Floppy Bear or Bunny


If you thought your Kaloo collection was complete think again!

A New Grobag for A Growing Baby

May 3, 2008


Grobag has come out with cosy and comfy new designs for this season.

Grobag - ATutti Fruitti  Baby Sleeping Bag            Grobag Baby Sleeping - ChickadeeGrobag - An Apple A Day                 Grobag - Ship Ahoy! Baby Sleeping Bag

Check them out at