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Baby Sleep Sack = Snuggle Baby

June 30, 2011

This baby sleep sack with a lady bug design is full of cuteness, comfort and coziness.

Your new little lady will sleep safe and sound in our “Snug as a Bug” Sleep Sack, and she’ll look adorable doing it!

Features and facts of the lady bug sleep sack:

  • Sweet, ladybug-inspired sleep sack and cap with plush fabric outside and comfy-cozy 100% cotton inside
  • Baby sleep sack has rose-pink polyester wings separated by a deep-pink wedge, a soft-gray jumper-like fit at the top, a ladybug applique that says Snug as a Bug,and shiny, silvery circle appliques on the front and back
  • Easy open-and-close snaps on this baby sleep sack are located at the shoulders and zipper on the bottom for quick access
  • Matching cap has Silvery cirlce accents and two playful, gray antennae with fuzzy balls on the ends
  • Sleep sack and cap arrive on a leafy branch-shaped cardboard hanger with little ladybug accents
  • Machine-wash cool and line dry
  • Size 0-6 months

Deal Of The Day – Green Frog Art

June 27, 2011

Nothing says summer like decorating the nursery ( or big kids room)

For two days only all Green Frog Art is on sale for 15% off at (but hurry, supplies won’t last long) .

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KidKraft Pretend Play & Kids Furniture on Sale!

June 23, 2011

It doesn’t happen often but it is happening now!  All Kidkraft pretend play & Kidkraft kids furniture is on sale at but hurry!  Use coupon code kids at check out for 13% off your entire order and don’t forget all orders over $99 ship for free!

This Kidkraft sale is valid while supplies last for one day only ( offer ends June 24, 2011)

Piggy Paint + Celebrity Baby Scoop =

June 6, 2011






A short while ago Piggy Paint was reviewed in Celebrity Baby Scoop.  Here is an excerpt from the review.  If  you haven’t used Piggy Paint on your little now is the time!

Although my daughter loves to have her nails painted “Just like mama”, I have never been too keen on it. Most nail polishes and nail polish removers on the market are full of chemicals and fumes, something I don’t want to expose my daughter to – especially at this age.

Piggy Paint™ was created by Melanie Hurley, a mother who had the same concerns as myself. Once, while painting her daughter’s nails over a foam plate, she dropped a glob of the polish onto the foam surface and the solvent-based polish proceeded to bubble and “eat” through the plate!

Since then, Melanie has come up with non-toxic product which is especially created for little hands and feet. This water-based nail polish is formulated from natural ingredients and is completely free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone.

Piggy Paint™ is available in 13 fun colors such as Angel Kisses, Ice Cream Dream and Twinkle Toes and the low odor formula made it easy for me to give my daughter a mini-manicure without having to open the windows, or worry about her hands making her way to her mouth throughout the day. I will say, the nail-polish remover was a little harder to use as it didn’t “dissolve” the polish like some of it’s acetone counterparts.

Piggy Paint™ made its Hollywood debut on Saturday, June 6, 2009, at Stella McDermott’s (daughter of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott) first birthday party. Each child left “Stella’s Salon” with their nails looking like a Princess (or a Prince)!

Whether you are planning a “spa day” for your little one or just want to have fun and paint those little piggies try Piggy Paint. 

Piggy Paint is now available in Canada at ( use coupon code posh for 10% off your order of Piggy Paint while quantities last and on orders over $30.00)

Mary Mary …How Does Your Garden Grow?

June 3, 2011




Getting outside with your child can be the most uplifting, enjoyable and connecting time you can spend together. Here are some ways I made my gardening experience with my granddaughter a time we will both remember with love.

Are you ready to embrace nature? Are you ready to connect to the world of nature?  When is a garden not just a garden?  It is when you embrace nature and connect in a way like no other.  Many find gardening therapeutic, some say gardening has an almost zen-like effect for them.  I say that gardening, making things grow strong, beautiful and at the same time fragile is a miracle happening before my eyes.

Here are some tips to make your garden your little miracle .

1) Start with great soil:  Soil is not just soil but an ecosystem of micro-organisms.  It is home to natures creatures such as  worms, beetles and snails.  A good organic mulch will nourish your soil which in turn will nurture your plants.

2) Add scents to your garden: Shrubs, trees and flowers that enhance your senses such as smell will also attract insects which is vital for pollination.  Try planting a Dwarf Korean Lilac Paliban, Mock Orange or Summer Sweet.  Your garden will flourish naturally and smell wonderful.  Research shows that scents may increase your brain function and help maintain focus.

3) Nurture wildlife:  Flowers and fruit trees will provide not only a wonderful and enchanting garden but also provide food and lodging to wildlife.  Birds will love your garden and will constantly fly in for a visit.

4) Nectar, the juice of Gods?: Insects, bees and butterflies will visit in abundance and will thrive on the nectar from plants across the seasons.  Bulbs and trees can provide nectar all year round.  Your garden will become an oasis for these lovely flying specimens.

5) Color your garden:  People and insects alike are attracted to color.  If you are looking to create a garden delight try to choose colorful blooms in all forms such ast tubular, flat, umbel and daisy.

6) Water is a magnet:  Wildlife fluttering around in water creates a magical sound to the ear.  Whether you have a pond or simple bird bath you are going to delight in the magic of splashing and gurgling wildlife.

Enjoy your garden, look upon it as a magical place for all to enjoy.  Take a risk, put in color, water and most of all nurture your garden and your little visitors. Sit back and enjoy.