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Bees Knees Crawling Pants are on Sale!!!!

May 20, 2009


Bees Knees crawling pants with knee pads are the best crawling pants around.

With state of the art knee pad cushions to protect crawling knees from potential bruises and bumps and scratches the stylish crawling pants are a must have.

Bee’s Knees crawling pants have cushy neoprene insert knee pads that are compression resistant, yet soft and stretchable. Neoprene is specifically designed for medical support and protective products; even the most active crawlers will have comfortable, non-restrictive movement.

For a short time only, Bees Knees Crawling Pants with knee pads is on sale at Petiteposh for up to 33% off.  Quantities are limited, when they’re gone, they’re gone 🙂


7 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby – Tip #2

January 30, 2009


Baby clothes are expensive! There is really no way around it, not only are they expensive but babies go through a ton of clothing.  If you have a baby that drools , spits up or is just plain messy baby, you are probably changing the baby two or three times a day.

You probably want to dress baby in cute, trendy clothing.  One thing to remember is THEY DOES NOT CARE WHAT THEY WEAR.  That cute designer outfit you bought was outgrown in about a month.  Here are some tips for dressing baby beautifully and saving money.

Clothing exchange – If you have friends or family that have children older or younger than yours borrow!  Babies outgrow clothing so fast that the borrowed clothing are usually like new.

Buy used – garage sales, thrift shops, even online site such as ebay or craigs list have great items for a fraction of the cost.

Gender neutral – if you are planning on having more than one baby, purchase gender neutral clothing so that they can be handed down from baby to baby.

Protect clothing – if you do have “messy baby” , no matter what you do that baby always gets dirty try one of these bibs

Crawling Pants with Knee Pads – Brilliant!

January 8, 2009


Way back when my kids were crawling there really wasn’t very much available to protect their little knees from scrapes and scratches.  They would crawl on any surface, wooden flooring, ceramic tiles (very cold), and even ashpalt driveways (painful).

Today there are many options available to protect those little legs from scratches and scrapes.  I have looked at may crawling pants with knee pads, overalls with knee pads and just knee pads for babies without the clothing.   Some crawling pants with knee pads are comfortable but not too stylish.  They are comparable to sleepers with knee pads for babies.

Then I came upon Bees Knees Crawling Pants with knee pads.  Brilliant!  These crawling pants are stylish and comfortable for baby.  They have a roomy design so that even the most active crawler will be comfortable.

Bee’s Knees crawling pants have cushy neoprene insert knee pads that are compression resistant, yet soft and stretchable. Neoprene is specifically designed for medical support and protective products.


May 1st is Coupon Day!

May 1, 2008

April coupon day was our very first time extending our appreciation to our customers.  We are now going to make coupon day a monthly affair!  The coupon is active for 1 week, the first week of may so have fun shopping and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

You coupon for this week is “word1” for 10% off and don’t forget, all orders over $99 qualify for free shipping.


Today is coupon day!

March 22, 2008


 A perfect sunny day today!  Looks like spring may actually be upon us.  The weather man said another 6 weeks of winter but I chose not to believe him

Sooooo, in celebration of spring you can now use coupon “word” for a 10% discount off anything in the entire store!   Just go to, shop till you drop(?) till your fingers are tired (?) are all shopped out (?) and use the coupon code “word” for 10% of everything purchase.  And don’t forget…shipping is free on all orders over $99.00 (valid till April 1, 2008)