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Newborn Gift , Unique and Useful

January 16, 2012

Looking for a great gift for a newborn? Are you looking for a baby gift that is inexpensive and useful, something you won’t find everywhere?

Look no further!  Now available at is the Touchy Tag! 

Picture this:

A random stranger in a grocery store grabbing their toes or wrapping their finger around theirs, being in a restaurant and someone swooping into the car- seat putting their face inches from their face. It can be very uncomfortable to ask well-meaning people to please not touch your baby. As a parent, you are the last line of defense for your child. Touchy Tags™ are there to help when you feel uncomfortable or too shy to speak up, or when you have your back turned another way.

Hang them on your stroller or even on your baby! Touchy tags will help remind strangers that germs are not welcome!