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Everyone loves a good sale

March 31, 2008


 I have received a few emails asking when the coupon ……. word……. for a discount of 10% expires.  Today is the last day, so shop till you drop or let your fingers do the walking and have fun shopping.

As a special bonus, for every Grobag Egg digital nursery thermometer purchased we will include a free gift.  Just add in the comment line whether you are purchasing the Grobag Egg for a boy or girl.

Thank you to everyone for making our very first coupon week a success!


Let Sleeping Babies Sleep

March 28, 2008


 Funny how things change.  With my first child I was so over protective.  If she slept more than 3 hours I would make sure she was still breathing, I was constantly checking to make sure the nursery was a constant temperature, that she was covered (we still used blankets back then) and on and on. 

Then when I had the boys I let them sleep forever if they would.  Sure I still checked up on them every now and then but basically, if they slept ( btw they are twins) that meant either quality time with their sister or I could actually RELAX!

Today things seem a bit different, better I think.  There are room thermometers that show you if the room temperature is right.  You don’t even have to enter the room and go up to read the thermometer, you can just peek in the door and check if the color is right. eggs-1.jpg   No need to even enter the room to make sure the baby is covered, all snuggly and warm.  No blankets to fall off, just a beautiful sleeping bag which keeps baby comfortable all night in any weather. 


Don’t forget the gorgeous decor, any baby would love to stay in the crib with this bedding!

presss.jpg Made by Caden Lane and endorsed by many celebrities for their babies, good enough for them, good enough for mine.

Refuse to reuse? Not with these baby wipes containers!

March 27, 2008


I received a wonderful email today from Susan.  She ordered a few of the Made by Angie baby wipe containers as gifts for a few friends.  Seems that they now all have toddlers and use the wipes for various wipable incedents. But…here is the “kicker” …when they no longer have a need for baby wipes they use these gorgeous containers for other things such as:

Hair clips and ribbons, sewing kit, crayons and pencils, samples of shampoos and conditioners, first aide to carry in your bag, dryer sheets and on and on went the list but my all time favorite ( that’s my creative side showing) is for pet treats or food when visiting with your pet…..brilliant!

blueberry.jpg                        choc-strawberry.jpg

Diaper duty made fashionable!

March 25, 2008


 I am constantly on the lookout for everyday products which make the everyday somewhat  more fun and fashionable.  Picture this:

You have a stylish diaper bag, one for baby days and beyond.  This gorgeous diaper bag has a matching change mat and a ton of pockets for every item imaginable.  Life is organized and stylish at the same time.  You meet a friend for a quick cup, baby in tow.  Time to change the baby.  You whip out the matching change pad, and …….. a designer baby wipe container! 

angie.jpg  Whether it’s for the tiny tush or a messy face cleaning up is always fabulously fashionable! 

Not only are these baby wipe containers gorgeous they are actually Made by Angie and an organization called CARC. CARC employs developmentally disabled people who excel in different aspects of the production line. It’s a winning arrangement for everyone.  And these are made in the USA!

March 24, 2008


 Easter is over today and Passover is slowly creeping up on us.  Keeping a kosher home with small children can be no easy feat!  I was looking through recipes and reading through articles and found this baby food cereal recipe that is kosher for Passover.

I found this on


Baby Rice Cereals

There is possible chometz in most baby rice cereals, so the OU cannot recommend them for Passover use. However, there is no problem owning rice and making your own cereal over Passover.

One should make the cereal using a special non-Pesach, non-chametz pot, and this special pot (and any special utensils used for the cereal) should not be washed together with the Pesach dishes. You can Kasher a pot before Passover and dedicate it for making the rice real over Passover.

Similiarly, the grinding of the rice should not be done in a Passover grinder on Passover. You can grind the rice in a clean chometz grinder before Passover or purchase a dedicated grinder for use over Passover.

Sample Recipe:
Rice Cereal
1. 1/4 c. rice powder [brown or white (not enriched) rice ground in blender, food processor, or coffee grinder].
2. 1 cup water.
3. Bring liquid to boil in saucepan. Add the rice powder while stirring constantly.
4. Simmer covered for 10 minutes, mix in formula or breast milk and fruits if desired
5. Serve warm.

Looking for a new outfit for your little one for Passover? These lovely spring jackets are just in!

cabbage-pink-jacket-hat.jpg                teddy-bear-jacket-set.jpg           white-jacket-hat.jpg

Today is coupon day!

March 22, 2008


 A perfect sunny day today!  Looks like spring may actually be upon us.  The weather man said another 6 weeks of winter but I chose not to believe him

Sooooo, in celebration of spring you can now use coupon “word” for a 10% discount off anything in the entire store!   Just go to, shop till you drop(?) till your fingers are tired (?) are all shopped out (?) and use the coupon code “word” for 10% of everything purchase.  And don’t forget…shipping is free on all orders over $99.00 (valid till April 1, 2008)


March 20, 2008



Pacey is now a therapy dog for Autistic children (as well as a therapy dog at a nursing home).  Today we went to the autistic class to visit.  We hadn’t been there in 3 weeks as there was March break and another week Pacey was not feeling too good (bad hips). 

Today was a great visit!  One little girl usually gags when she sees Pacey and we haven’t been able to get her to touch Pacey much less pet her.  Today she actually smiled when she saw Pacey and touched her without gagging!!!!!! Triumph!

Autism really is a condition that doesn’t discriminate.  I wonder if there is some genetics involved ( there is a brother and sister in that class) .  The teacher in this class is quite amazing.  A young girl, no children of her own yet, she really cares.  She is loving and firm at the same time, she teaches the children and get results. 

Here are some signs to look for in the children in your life:

  • Lack of or delay in spoken language
  • Repetitive use of language and/or motor mannerisms (e.g., hand-flapping, twirling objects)
  • Little or no eye contact
  • Lack of interest in peer relationships
  • Lack of spontaneous or make-believe play
  • Persistent fixation on parts of objects

I just came across this ….looks inspiring, interesting and brilliant all rolled into one, leave it to HBO to film it!

Autism : The musical…an HBO documentary which will air on March 25th at 8:00p.m.
In 1980, autism was a relatively rare disorder, diagnosed in one of every 10,000 U.S. children. Today, according to the Centers for Disease Control, one in 150 may be afflicted. AUTISM: THE MUSICAL counters this troubling statistic with the story of five autistic children, their families and the dynamic woman who leads them to defy expectations by writing, rehearsing and performing their own musical. An intimate portrait of these young people and their families as they struggle, and ultimately triumph, through the transformative power of theatre.

Back to baby basics

March 19, 2008


I was sitting at the computer just mindlessly (I seem to be doing alot of mindless things lately) surfing the internet and came across this list posted on 

New babies really don’t need much, it is usually the parent that wants all the gadgets to help take care of the baby.  I even came across a website that offers “sleep advise” from a certified expert!  An expert in how to provide an atmosphere for your baby to sleep longer and more peacefully.  Times sure have changed since I had little ones.  There seems to be an expert for everything now.  Books, experts, websites…..I think it is time to go back to basics,  less gadgets, more tender loving care.

Baby Needs: Clothing and Layette

  • 5-10 onesies or rompers, depending on how often you want to do laundry
  • 5-7 baby sleepers 5-7 pairs of baby socks
  • 1-2 newborn hats, depending on climate


Baby Needs: Diapers and Bath Items

  • 2 packs of disposable diapers or enough cloth diapers for at least two days. Newborns can soil up to 10 diapers per day.
  • 1 pack of disposable wipes or 10 cloth wipes
  • Waterproof pad for diaper changes
  • 3-5 baby washcloths
  • 1-2 hooded towels, if desired. Adult towels will work, too.
  • 1 bottle of gentle baby wash
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Digital thermometer

kangaroo.jpg          eggs-1.jpg

Baby Needs: Bedding and Feeding

  • 3-4 fitted sheets for crib, cradle, co-sleeper or bassinet
  • 5-7 lightweight blankets
  • 1-2 heavier blankets, depending on climate
  • 10 burp cloths
  • 5-8 bottles, if you’re bottle feeding
  • Breastfeeding pillow, if desired


Today is all about me!

March 18, 2008


 As I have said before I am reading the book A New Earth and am lost…don’t know who I am, how I should react, if I should react or to what scenerio is a reaction needed.  Makes sense?

Well, today after a long discussion with my friend about this we have both decided that sometimes you just have to put it all aside….. no perfection here!  A reaction is exactly what you will get out of me if you succeed in pushing my buttons.  Boy does that feel good, even my fingers are typing faster.

So, here is the scenerio that got my reaction, my gut reaction with no holds barred. 

I was driving to the corner store to pick up some packaging supplies.  Now usually when I drive I am cautious.  My kids think I am an over cautious driver but really I am not, I just look out for the other guy and oh yes, I am always getting lost but that is a story for another day.

So I am driving and got cut off by this guy in a pick up truck.  My blood boils, I feel anger surging through my veins ( this is totally out of character for me, miss mild mannered person that I am).  I try to let it go but can’t.  I then proceeded to pull up next to the pick up truck, roll down my window and shout ( at the top of my lungs)” hey buddy, what do you have?  A dealth wish?” Where did that come from? The guy rolls down his window, not really expecting to see miss mild mannered me, does a double take, smiles, and ……… apologizes!!!!!!  He didn’t even let me get all riled up….just apologizes….. I burst out laughing, said , “no prob” and went on my merry way.  So much for not avoiding conflict…..I guess there really are some people in this world that make innocent mistakes, we just have to be open to hear them apologize and explain. 

What are little boys made of?

March 18, 2008


 I was just unpacking a new shipment of the most fluffy, cuddly and soft jackets with matching hats from Bizoux Bizoux. The pink is perfect, the white is pure but the light brown teddy bear hat with the matching jacket is just fabulous. Little girl clothing is trendy, stylish, cute, everything all together, easy! But those little boys are so hard. I searched for something a bit out of the ordinary and finally found it.

.cabbage-pink-jacket-hat.jpg      white-jacket-hat.jpg  teddy-bear-jacket-set.jpg

Remember this nursery rhyme?

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails,
And puppy dog tails,
That’s what little boys are made of.