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From Baby Food to Solid Food…(Not so simple!)

May 28, 2009


Today Lee came over with Maia and a huge dilemma!  She is transitioning Maia from puree to solid food and Maia hates it!

The eating problems started when when Miss Maia decided she preferred her bottle over puree.  After a very frustrating week  “Mom, she’s just not eating!” and “you don’t understand, she just won’t eat, she only wants her bottle” we decided that maybe not showing her the bottle until she has finished her puree food will help.  Sure enough, the bottle came out of the kitchen after all her food was finished.  One crisis under control!

Now Maia has decided she doesn’t like solid food.  She loves cheese and bread ( hmmmmm a carb girl!) .  Lee is trying to give her meat balls, fish, anything solid.  Even steamed carrots as she loves her carrot puree but nothing gets in that lovable tummy of hers.  She takes one bite, sucks on it and spits it out.

Any suggestions?

Bees Knees Crawling Pants are on Sale!!!!

May 20, 2009


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A Fresh New Look!

May 18, 2009


Finally!!!! I am so excited to announce that after much hard work Petiteposh has a brand new look.

Check out our new look, sale items and sign up for specials at  Send us a message and let us know what you think about our new design.

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