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7 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby (tip #3)

January 15, 2009


Baby food…with allergy concerns and wanting to save a bit of money there is no easier way to put your mind at easy than making homemade baby food.

It is so very important to your baby’s growth that he be fed the most nutritious food available.  Don’t forget, over the next few years your baby is growing at a very rapid rate.  Babies develop in the first 3 years both physically and intellectually and we want to help maximize that development in any way we can.

Processed baby food have added sugars, starches and water.  Using this ingredients is in no way bad or harmful to baby but they dilute the vitamins and nutrients in the food.  Baby food is then cooked at a very high temperature so that they can be stored in jars at room temperature.  The cooking process kills bacteria so that storing the jars is not an issue.  The problem with this is that vitamins and nutrients are killed in the process

It is so simple and takes no more than 30 minutes a week.  Why not give your baby a great start with homemade baby food.  You will have full control over what goes into the homemade baby food. You will be assured of the freshness and quality of the ingredients.   Homemade baby food allows you to combine flavors, control textures and be in control of you baby’s diet.  Homemade baby food put you in control of your baby’s eating habits, simply and easily.

The Homemade Baby Food Kit by Fresh Baby shows you how easy making homemade baby food is.

Here is a simple way to make homemade baby food –

sweet potato puree

1) wash, peel and chop one sweet potato

2) place sweet potatoes + 2 tbs of water in a microwavable dish and cover.  Microwave 8-10 minutes. Let stand 10 minutes.

3) Puree, add 1/4 -1/2 cup water to make a smooth texture.

4) Spoon into So Easy Baby Food trays and freeze.

This homemade sweet potatoe puree for baby stays fresh in the freezer for 2 months.

To serve, take frozen cubes from the freezer, defrost, warm and serve….don’t forget to check the temperature of the food before serving.