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Baby Spaces, small spaces perfectly designed!

April 30, 2008

 As we know I am going to be a grandmother, grandma, bubbie, nana… in whatever language, whatever name , I am excited ( but I guess you know that by now :).

As my daughter and her husband are planning the nursery the problem of fitting furniture into the nursery in the best possible way.  Feng Shui is always in the back of my mind.  Make sure the furniture “faces in” not towards the door as you don’t want the good vibes or winds to exit.  I took a course a few years back in feng shui but can’t remember the terminology and I think that is correct.  I suppose I should research this a bit more. 

They asked for my help (that alone amazes me!) in planning the nursery.  Being superstitious, the furniture will not be arriving until after the birth but they wanted to plan, see where and how everything will fit.  It then occurred to me…… Baby Spaces!

I ran home and got a Baby Spaces kit.  Ran back to their house and we opened the templates.  Sure enough we had to replan the nursery.  Where we were planning on putting the furniture was all wrong!  The templates helped us utilize the space and feng shui the area.  They actually left the templates on the floor so that when the furniture is delivered it can be moved into place immediately and easily!  Gotta love Baby Spaces templates:)

Baby Spaces - Lifesize Templates for Nursery Design                      Baby Spaces - Lifesize Templates for Nursery Design

The importance of friends

April 29, 2008

Two months to go …oh no 🙂 actually  1 1/2 months to go, as you can see I am not very good with weeks.  Way back when, we spoke in months, much easier.  But I digress,  1 1/2 months to go till my first grandchild is here!  I am so excited I can barely control myself.  Every time I think of my baby having a baby I get all choked up….ok, not choked up but I actually tear up.  No controlling of the emotions when discussing this subject. 

A mother of a dear friend of mine told me that this is what it is all about, the continuation of life and family.  She said it was hard to put in words and I really never understood.  I thought, just as others had said, you spend time with the grandchild but then you can give him or her back.  Love unconditionally and you don’t have to discipline.  I no know it goes way beyond that and there is no way to actually put it in words.

My friends have become my family in life.  Parents and siblings, mine and my husbands are all long gone.  The few dear friends that I have have truly become my extended family.  They help celebrate our happy times and help us through the difficult times. 

This miracle of life will soon be here and my friends are helping to make this time just that much more special.  It is the little things they do, the phone calls to see how my daughter is feeling.  Making sure they get to see her, touch her belly and share the excitement. 

I just wanted to say, thank you for being my friend and family!


Baby Hughy

April 24, 2008

This is too funny. I sold a baby bathrobe in a hot chocolate color.  This was a gift for a baby shower.  These robes are warm, soft and yummy in every sense of the word.  Warm, soft and cuddly on the outside, terry on the inside.

Dimple Toddler Robe by Bizoux Bizoux

Apparently the robe was the hit of the party.  The comments were all leaning towards baby Hugh Hefner and the life he will lead.

Mother’s Day Gifts

April 23, 2008


Mother’s day will be here before you know it.  I can’t believe it is almost May! Here are a few tips for gifts that are great and inexpensive.  Thoughtful and truly enjoyed by Mom or the Mom to be.

1) A foot massage, nothing is more relaxing than a foot massage, tweak the toes, massage the aches and she will feel rejuvenated all over!

2) The classic!  Breakfast in bed, you can never go wrong with this one.  Prepare her favorite breakfast, carrying it in on a tray with a flower and your best china, mmmmmm, scrumptuous!

3) Give her the day off to do whatever she wants, even sleep till noon if that tickles her fancy.  Make a voucher and let her relax.

4) Prepare a bubble bath with candles lit all around, scented candles.  Take the phone off the hook and let her soak till she is all soaked out.  Lay out her robe and slippers.  You will see the stress dissolve.

If you want to purchase a gift here are a few items that are usually needed but sometime considered a luxury.

1)  For the Mom on the go, a designer laptop bag.  Made in the USA by Posh by Tori . If she craves accessories that pack a punch these bags are the ones.

2) The Dreamweaver body pillow is the perfect full body pillow for the mom to be and the mom that is!

3) The snuggle buddy nursing pillow helps position the baby in a good feeding position, and is comfortable for a nursing mother or caregiver.

Making Crib Safety Simple

April 22, 2008

Last week I  went with my daughter crib shopping.  Yes, I am finally going to be a grandmother!!!!  So exciting, I can barely breathe when I think about it.  The baby is due mid June and these 9 months seem longer than when I was pregnant.

Crib shopping was fun but I soon came to realize that things have changed drastically since I had babies.  Back then we didn’t think of tainted paint, where the crib was made, how far the slats are from one another, etc.  We just bought a crib that went with the decor that we had in mind for the nursery.  Here are a few tips to make your crib purchase the perfect purchase for you and baby.

1) Always lay the baby on its back and make sure that the mattress is not soft but rather firm and flat. This will help to prevent SIDS ( sudden infant death syndrome).

2) To avoid any clothing catching on the corner post of a crib make sure that the posts are no more than 1/16 inch above the top end of the panel.

3) When assembling the crib make sure that all hardware is tight and secure and check them frequently as they can come loose. 

4) If using bumper pads make sure that they go around the entire crib and securely tie or snap into place.  Make sure that the bumper pads have snaps or ties in each corner and in the middle for a secure hold.  Cut off any excess ties so that baby does not become entangled.  You can always check out the Caden Lane bedding offered at!

5)  When unpacking the crib and mattress, remove all plastic and never ever use plastic as a mattress cover. 

6)  The mattress should fit snuggly.  You should not be able to fit more than 2 fingers between the mattress and the side of the crib.

7)  When placing the crib in the nursery make sure that you do not place it anywhere near blinds or draperies. There is always the danger of strangulaton from window cords.

Food Allergies in Children

April 19, 2008


After learning, making and writing about home made baby food I realized that I have been led to an important issue.  The issue being food allergies.  Here in North American it seems that food allergies are more prevelant every year.  When I was growing up food allergies were almost unheard of.  When my children were growing up food allergies were becoming known and now food allergies are up there on the top 10 list of things to be aware of.  Children suffering from food allergies is becoming more and more the norm.  Schools are now nut free, guests at birthday parties come with warnings.

Here are a few ways to cope with allergies in your family.

1) First things first….. make your home alergy proof! Read the label of each and every product purchased.  If you purchase any food that contains ingredients that a member of your family is allergic to, clearly label it or make a separate shelf for those foods.

2) Play it safe, buy allergy free foods.  There are a number of companies now that offer nut free, gluten free and dairy free as well as egg free foods and snacks.  Do a little research to see which companies offer these.  Send away for free samples to try them out.

3) Make sure that your childs school is aware of any allergies he or she may have.  Work with them to establish an allergy free zone.  Make sure there is an emergency plan and easy access to any medications if the need sure arise.

4) When your child is old enough and understands, teach them self administer their epinephrine.  They should carry a self-injectable epinephrine at all times. Check with the school nurse and your doctor for approval.  You should also teach your child to read all food labels and understand what ingredients are harmful to their health.

5) Whenever you eat out take a list of food allergies, this is an easy way to inform the server and chef of any ingredients that cannot be in the food ordered.  Take this list along when traveling or even if your child is visiting a friend.

And finally, remember you are not alone.  There are many support groups in your area offering emotional support as well as tips for having an easier time with food allergies. 

Home Made Baby Food

April 17, 2008


Home made baby food is not only simple to make but is nutritious , healthy, allows you to offer baby a variety of tastes at a fraction of the cost.  Best of all, making your own baby food gives you peace of mind, knowing exactly what is in the food you feed your most precious little one. 

My children are now grown, I don’t really enjoying cooking (ok, I really hate cooking!) but I do love to bake.  I have always baked home made cookies and cakes.  This has always allowed me to make nutritious snacks without the fillers and unhealthy additives that store bought snacks have.

Here are a few guidelines for making baby food:

1) Prepare larger quantities of basic pureed food and freeze them in ice cube trays.  Freezing keeps all the nutrients in the food and the ice cube trays allows portion control without waste.

2)Wash fruits and vegetables without detergent so that there is no possibility of residue left on the food.  Using frozen fruits and vegetables is a wonderful and easy alternative.

3)To save time and keep the nutrients in, cook the food in the microwave.  It is clean, easy and fast.  The food is done when you can pierce or mash the food with a fork.

4)Puree the food in a food processor or blender.  When the food is smooth it is done.  If you have to add some liquid to the food to make the texture and consistance smooth.

5)Pour into ice cube trays and depending on the food it will freeze within 8-12 hours.

When feeding time is upon you, thaw and feed!  I find that food at room temperature is tastier than cold but that is entirely up to you.

Going Green

April 13, 2008


Seems that today everyone is searching for green products, organic and natural.  I have found that Grobag now offers a Home Grown Organic Sleeping Bag that is just about perfect!  It is made from naturally colored organic cotton that is grown without the use of pesticides on environmentally responsible plantations.

For the next 2 weeks (until April 26th) enter code “green” in the coupon area and you will receive 10% off your purchase at

Ba Ba White Sheep?

April 11, 2008



Soft, cuddly, cozy, any other adjectives ?  This plush sheep is just too soft and squishy to be true

Just arrived and already only a few left.  Match it up with the Swirly Blanket and you have the perfect give for any baby.

Swirly Blanket by Bearington Baby

The Three C’s… Cute, Cozy & Cuddly

April 9, 2008

Three kids and a dog….don’t forget the husband.  A full time job, an online baby boutique and volunteer work.  This week I am feeling so stressed out!  Why, you ask?  Oh…hmmmmm, not sure why, could it be the 3 kids, a dog, a husband, full time job, online baby boutique and volunteer work … you think I have bitten off more than I can chew (where did that saying come from?)

Last night for dinner I picked up a chicken dinner from the local chicken place for the family and for me……. dare I say…..I have a huge ( really huge) bowl of special k almond cereal, sprinkled with chocolate chips and dried cranberries!  I put on my pj’s and my robe and I must say it was THE most delicious dinner I have had in a long time!  Everyone left me alone with my “spiked” cereal and my taped “soaps”, there was peace in my life for an hour.

Did I mention that I received a shipment of the cutest, coziest and most cuddly bathrobes for baby and toddler?  They not only functional but wash well and are made in Canada!

Dimple Toddler Robe by Bizoux Bizoux