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Surfing at the CGTA

January 29, 2008

Today I went to the CGTA. I was looking for something new and exciting to add to I found the most lovely, comfy and yummy toddler bathrobes. They are so soft and cuddly you would want one for yourself. I could just imagine wrapping my baby up in one after a warm bubbly bath. +

January 19, 2008

January 17th, what a great day! This day, as all other days, first thing I do after saying hi to Pacey is check my emails. I had a few orders and when looking to see where these customer heard of me it said urban baby newsletter.
I look in my mailbox and wow! the urbanbaby newsletter is featuring petiteposh’s new product! Spa Baby Tubs!!!!
Petiteposh is being recognized finally as having fabulous alternatives to mainstream products. Spa Baby Tubs is only the first in what I hope will be a long list of great products!

January 14, 2008

January 14, 2008

A new year, so many resolutions! I know, I am a bit late with the New Year resolutions but as they say, better late than never.

So here is my list of resolutions (which I find overwhelming). I need to pick just one of them and stick to it for the year…..or……should my one resolution be sticking to a resolution? Is that cheating? LOL… goes.

1) Lose that last 10 pounds (this is a repeat resolution, shows up every year :))
2) Try giving more hours to visiting the nursing home with Pacey, the love of my life therapy dog. Ok, I know she looks lazy but that was taken after a visit that just wore her out. Back to resolutions.
3) Take a night course in something that I enjoy rather than work related.
4) Make more time for me!
5) Find at least 2 more products for petiteposh that are unique and fabulous!

Spa Baby Tubs

January 12, 2008

I am always searching for unique products for petiteposh.comand this one was a real find! The spa baby tub allows baby to bathe in a position similiar to the position of the first 9 months. Sitting upright all cuddley and cozy in warm water the baby actually loves this bath. No more crying and flaying arms. Comfortable and cozy, bathing is a pleasure for both baby and parent.

The Brett Girl?

January 11, 2008

Today I decided to stop being so hard on myself!!!! Anyone out there relating to this? 🙂

My upbringing still dictates to me. In the middle of the day, sit down , watch t.v. ???? Unheard of !!! Useless existence (my apologies to all those who do watch during the day, I say, more power to you!!!) So today I decided to cut myself a break, brew a cup of tea (the green kind), wrap my hands around the steaming cup. Sit….no no no…recline on the sofa. Called the dog to sit next to me and cuddle a bit. I pick up the remote for the television… on and decide to watch the View. I love that show!!!! They were talking about looks, then all of a sudden one of the ladies says that Elisabeth looks like the “Brett girl”. OMG I thought I would fall off the sofa! Elisabeth got all insulted and proceeded to say that she had no idea who the Brett girl was.

I smiled, no actually I chuckled….remember the Brett girl? The back of every magazine had the Brett girl, perfect skin, perfect makeup ( you couldn’t tell she had any on) and her crowning glory, the perfect, shiny, blond hair with just a touch of a wave. So much for reality ladies. The Brett girl definitely does not live in this house!