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Martha Stewart Loves Sophie the Giraffe!

April 30, 2009


Today is the day!!!! Who better than Martha Stewart to host the perfect baby shower!  Today April 30th Martha will have an audience full of expectant moms (lucky ladies) and she will feature the must haves for moms and babies.

One of the featured products on the Martha Stewart baby shower is Sophie the Giraffe.

Petiteposh and Sophie have been friends for a very long time and now you can order your Sophie at


Autism at an Early Age

April 23, 2009


Today being Thursday, meaning work day for Pacey, meaning therapy dog day at the Autism class I got to thinking about autism.

My knowledge on autism is very limited.  I know that parents usually see signs that something is wrong around the age of 2 or 3 but shouldn’t there be earlier warning signs?  Then I came across a very informative article in iVillage.  Here is an excerpt of the important parts:

  • does not babble, point, or make meaningful gestures by one year of age
  • does not speak one word by sixteen months
  • does not combine two words by two years of age
  • does not respond to his or her name
  • loses language or social skills
  • avoids eye contact
  • doesn’t seem to know how to play with toys
  • excessively lines up toys or other objects
  • is attached to one particular toy or object
  • doesn’t smile
  • at times seems to be hearing impaired
  • Parents may also notice that their child doesn’t meet the physical, mental, language, and social developmental standards that most typical children reach. Their one-year-olds may not imitate their actions when they clap or wave, or respond to their smiles, as most one-year-olds do. Their two-year-olds may not be able to understand simple two-step instructions (“Go get your cup, and put it on the table.”) or do such things as point to basic body parts (nose, ears, or eyes), identify objects, ask simple questions (or even speak at all), engage in common physical activities (jumping, running, or climbing), or draw circles and lines on paper — as most typical two-years-olds do. Typical three- and four-year-olds drive their parents crazy with constant “Why?” and “What?” questions, eagerly answer simple “Where?” and “Who” questions, enjoy picture books and being read to, and like to play with other children, whereas most three- and four-year-olds with ASDs do not. As toddlers, children with ASDs may not show their curiosity by leaning out of their strollers to look at things that interest them or pointing things out to their parents.

    I don’t really understand why or where autism comes from.  In the class that Pacey and I go to are a brother and sister….definitely makes me wonder.  Well, off we go to try to do a good dead for today.

    Pacey the therapy dog

    Earth Day for Kids (on a budget)

    April 21, 2009


    A day to celebrate the earth?  Why only one day?  Earth day should be all year round especially in these hard economic times.  Here are a few tips to save money while saving the planet.

    Whether it is time for the beach or the sand box, forget those plastic sand toys.  Save money while saving Mother Earth.  Take some old baking tins, muffin pans and wooden spoons to play and bake in the sand. The kids will love this, the sand muffins will not only look like the real thing but they will taste great too!

    Forget about helium balloon, they may be fun to let go and fly away but everytime one hits the earth another animal is in danger.  A sea animal may try to eat it if blown out to sea or it may get wrapped around a smaller animal.  Instead try building and flying a kite.  This can be much more fun and be a great project to bond over.

    Don’t forget about the “little things” that help our planet.  Turning off the water when brushing your teeth can save lots of water.  Teach your little one from an early age that this is the way to do it.

    Still want to buy something new for Earth Day?  How about a tea party?

    Over 50% of the materials required to produce this green tea set were made from post-consumer waste, No toxic materials used in production, Prevents ecological destruction, Supports education or training



    Celebrating Mothers Day on a Budget

    April 13, 2009



    Celebrating Mother’s Day on a Budget

    The modern Mother’s Day holiday was created by Anna Jarvis as a day for each family to honor its mother, and it’s now celebrated on various days in many places around the world. It complements Fathers Day, the celebration honoring fathers.

    This holiday is relatively modern, being created at the start of the 20th century, and should not be confused with the early pagan and christian traditions honouring mothers, or with the 16th century celebration of Mothering Sunday which is also known as Mother’s Day in the UK.

    In North America Mothers Day has become “big business” and has lost some of its meaning. The celebration of Mothers is the celebration of the hardest job in the world….Mothers!

    Here are some suggestions for making Mothers Day a bit more meaningful without breaking the bank. The key to a great Mothers Day is letting Mom have some quality time to herself as well as time with the family. Showing Mom that you have everything under control will give her peace of mind to relax and enjoy, quiet is not really necessary although outings with the kids can help.

    Kids love to do “big people” jobs. Have the kids help with the laundry, loading the washer and dryer. Folding the clothes ( doesn’t really matter that they will have to be ironed later!). This will give Mom a break for a while and allow the kids to see that putting away their clothes can save on laundry time for Mom.

    Take the kids to the supermarket for the weekly shopping. This will give Mom time alone ( ohhhh, that sounds so goodJ). Let the older ones read the list and the younger ones load the cart. The little ones can put the unbreakable items in the cart while you navigate around. Let each child pick one of Mom’s favorite foods to bring home for her.

    After the supermarket sit the kids down to help you make lunch for Mom. You can find a chore for each according to age. From folding napkins to setting the table, filling a pot with water to mixing the salad, each child will feel useful and Mom with feel the love.

    Don’t forget the tried and true gifts for Mom, light candles around the bath, run a warm bath with music lightly playing in the background. Mom will enjoy a nice relaxing soak with a glass of wine.

    Make some coupons redeemable for future services such as grocery shopping, walking the dog and car pooling.

    Straighten up and clean the house before Mom gets home.

    Have the kids make cards and gifts. This is especially wonderful for keepsakes. Mom will love her unique and one of a kind Mothers Day gifts.

    Coupon week = Discount week!

    April 13, 2009


    Just in time for spring, Mother’s day and any other reason you can think of!

    Enjoy 10% off the entire store ( including sale items) at

    Use coupon code word at check out.

    Valid until April 20/09

    Visiting the Elderly

    April 12, 2009


    Today we thought we would take Maia to visit our great aunt and uncle.  We have been putting off this visit till Maia got a bit older but have decided that they are not getting any younger and time is of the essence.

    Bee & Fred are 95 & 94, still living together but have finally moved out of their condo into a retirement home.  They are kind, funny and sharp, definitely the way to grow old.  The only problem is that they are hard of hearing.  We picked up Maia and drove to the home.

    We arrived and made our way to there apartment. This was no easy feat.  Maia is now 10 months old and adorable.  She loves people and likes to smile and wave at everyone.  Making our way through the lobby while waving and cooing at all the folks gathered there took about 1/2 hour.

    We finally arrived at Bee & Fred’s door.  The tv was blasting so loud that we when we knocked they did not hear it.  No surprise there.  We continued knocking for …oh…let’s say about 10 minutes, the neighbors opened their doors but no Aunt & Uncle.  Why didn’t you phone to let them know you were there you say?  Because they can’t hear and refuse to get a phone for the hard of hearing.

    The door finally opens, we are in!!!!  They are enchanted by Maia and she by them.   I think we added another wonderful year to their lives by the visit today.

    New Zoobie Pets!!!

    April 10, 2009


    Just in time for a visit to the zoo!

    When my children were young, as soon as spring arrived, one of our favorite outings was a visit to the zoo.  We would all pile into the car and off we would go to see the monkey, polar bears and all the other animals that the zoo had to offer.

    Before we left the house we would plan our trip so that everyone had enough time to visit their favorite animal.  Then each one would grab the plush animal toy that related to the visit at the zoo.

    My oldest would always grab her polar bear as the polar bears were her favorite exhibit.  She loved to watch them wallow in the sun and then if she got lucky they would jump in the water.  She would hold her polar bear plush toy up high so that he could also watch the real bears at the zoo.

    The twins were another story.  They would fight over which one would take the crocodile to the zoo although we would explain over and over that the zoo did not have crocodiles.

    They would eventually decide on other plush animals to take along.  The panda was always a favorite (although there were no pandas at the zoo!) and the tiger was a constant visitor with us.

    Now Zoobies have come out with their own version of plush animal toys.  Petiteposh has just received a new shipment of wonderful new zoobies and baby zoobies.

    Check out the baby crocodile, the panda, polar bear and the limited edition of the Koala with baby koala ( my favorite!)


    Zoobies ae winners of over 30 awards and counting.  They are a unique 3 in 1 plush toy, pillow and blanket!

    Age and the New Me

    April 7, 2009


    Yesterday Maia, my angel baby granddaughter was here.  My daughter went to the gym and dropped her off for two hours.  Great! I thought to myself, finally Maia and Bubbie alone time, just the two of us.  I anticipated a bit of cuddling and snuggling, maybe a few songs and story books, then nap time , a quick diaper change and Mommy comes by to pick up Maia.

    Did I mention that “angel baby” is almost 10 months old?  As soon as Mommy left, I took off her snowsuit (yes, April and a snowsuit…an oxymoron?).  I sat her down on the floor with a book and good intentions of reading the book to her.  No sooner did I sit her down then off she went!  Crawling, sliding, almost flying straight for the electrical outlet that the tv is plugged into.

    “No Maia honey” I frantically said in a calming tone, that is dangerous.  Off in another direction she flew ( I swear this child doesn’t crawl, she flies) into the kitchen, under the table and there she got stuck.  I pulled her out and the next hour was pretty much the same, over and over, Maia finding new things that I never knew existed in this house.

    Nap time, ahhhhh, I sigh a sense of relief.  For sure I have at least 1/2 hour of quiet, time to give my back a break.  Maia goes into the crib and 10 minutes later she is wide awake!  What happened to nap time?  What happened to that peaceful half hour when Bubbie can relax, have a cup of something and sit with a heating pad?

    “Ok” I think to myself, Cheerios!  That should buy me a few precious minutes of time.  I put Maia on the floor and quickly put some Cheerios down.  Very thoughtfully she take as many Cheerios as she can in her teeny tiny hand (this amounts to 2).  Now, instead of putting them in her mouth she gives them to Pacey ( our dog).  “No Maia, those are your Cheerios, not Pacey’s” I say a bit loudly.  Maia bursts out laughing, great, we have a new game.  Feed Pacey and Bubbie will yell….very funny.

    Thank goodness Mommy then shows up to pick up Maia…..I lay on the sofa exhausted, a heating pad and a glass of wine never sounded so good!

    Caden Lane On Sale !!!

    April 5, 2009


    It doesn’t happen very often but it is happening now and we are very excited!  Spread the word and share the excitement!!!!

    Caden Lane crib bedding is now on sale at !!!!

    Select from 4 styles of Caden Lane crib bedding sets that are now on sale for 15% off and 5 styles of Caden Lane diaper bags (also 15% off).

    This sale won’t last long…. these Caden Lane crib bedding sets and Caden Lane diaper bags are on sale for one week only ( or while supplies last) .

    Don’t forget, free shipping on all crib bedding!

    New Web Design is Final!

    April 3, 2009


    I just approved the final revision for the new design of

    We went back and forth on small details, I have to say that I think I am detail challenged!  I tend to look at the overall rather than the smaller details…now I know why I always get into trouble:(

    Anyway, the good new is that I found a company that is actually giving me good advise as well as walking me through the various stages of this new design.

    I think the next step is actually building the site…OMG, my fingers actually shake from nerves as I type this !

    Anyone out there with this kind of experience?