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Sibling Rivalry – A Challenge For the Whole Family

October 27, 2009


I don’t profess to be an expert on sibling rivalry but as a parent I have had my challenges.  Being a parent of 3 kids, a girl and twin boys has led me to believe that sibling rivalry comes in many shapes and forms.

“Mom….he’s in my stuff again”

“Mom….they are ganging up on me AGAIN!”

“Mom…I hate him/her/them”  and then every now and then there would be a

“Dad..she is making fun of me”

Each family has its own unique dynamics and handles sibling rivalry in its own way.   Whatever your family dynamics sibling rivalry can be stressful, frustrating and upsetting. Let’s face it, we all have dreams of our kids being best friends and supportive of each other.

Here are a few tips to help understand and ease the pain of sibling rivalry:

* each child has their own personality, temperament and disposition (including identical twins…mine included!), this causes them to clash every now and then

* Children have evolving needs, try to assert themselves and show they are the leader and strong one…and they love to have their own way!

* Don’t forget, kids are copycats!  Be a role model.  If they see you slamming doors and arguing to get your own way they will think this is the norm.  The easiest way to learn is to learn by example.

Now you ask yourself…what should I do when the fighting starts?  My experience has taught me that nothing works every time but here are some tried and true guidelines:

* Try not to get involved.  As difficult as this may be…and believe me I know, getting involved has consequences of its own.  You risk the chance of your involvement being interpreted as favoritism for one child or that you are protecting one child from the other

* Don’t try to figure out who is to blame, do try to help them calm down and think of ways to resolve the issue even if you have to separate them for a few minutes

* Help them to take time out until the emotions have died down and they can discuss a rational way to work things out.

* Make sure that each child has their own space which is to be respected by all, a space that they can play quietly or with other friends

Don’t forget that teaching your child to work things out is a life skill, one that will stay with him for the rest of his life.  Whether in the work place or at home, learning compromise and negotiation will prove to be priceless.

Patience, understanding and lots of luck…

Dollhouse to the Stars

October 22, 2009


My granddaughter is almost 1 1/2 years old now and just discovering how much fun it is to go shopping!  When it is my turn to pick her up from daycare I usually take her shopping.  If the weather is nice we go to the plaza, if the weather is not, we go to the mall.  She loves running around, pointing to bright signs and smiling at strangers that smile back at her.

One day we were at the mall, looking in a very upscale toy store and saw the most beautiful dollhouse we had ever seen.  I know that Maia is still to young to enjoy this dollhouse but I am sure there a lots of children that would love to have their fashion dolls live in this fashionable dollhouse. 

With the holiday season approaching and budgets in mind, why not surprise your little one with one fabulous gift instead of alot of little ones?  This Kayla Dollhouse by Kid Kraft is just about the most perfect dollhouse ever!

Teethers – The Non Toxic Kind

October 13, 2009
Circus Teethers are a fun and stylish way to sooth sore gums for teething babies.  Each set contains three rings: “Monkey” (flexible), Seal (firm), and Lion (rigid).  All three rings fit snugly into a compact case.  Now you have a place to store the baby teether!  These baby teethers are made of the same Medial Grade materials that hospitals and dentists trust for use in their equipment.  Medical grade plastics are held to a higher standard than commodity grade ones.  They are produced according to specifications set out by the USP and ISO for quality and bio-compatibility.  Simply put, they are the best of the best.  What’s more, the rings are manufactured in a “class 7” cleanroom environment – an environment sterile enough for the manufacture of DNA testing equipment. 
DANO2 knows the best way to ensure safe, high-quality, products is to manufacturer them close to home here in the USA.  Local American manufacturing ensures higher quality products and a smaller carbon footprint.  These Circus Teethers not only promote healthy playing, but they stimulate economic growth and give jobs to the American manufacturer. 
Size:  2.5 inches

Happy Thanksgiving

October 9, 2009


Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!!!  Use coupon code posh for 10% off…our thanks to you!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar ( By Zoobie Pets)

October 8, 2009


There is nothing better than curling up with your little one and reading a good book.  There are many classics but  The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle is one of the favorite childrens books around!  When my daughter was little she absolutely loved The Very Hungry Caterpillar, she loved the colors, the feel of the book and of course the story.

Now you can curl up and read the Very Hungry Caterpillar while you snuggle under the Very Hungry Caterpillar Zoobie blanket. You will definitely love the Very Hungry Caterpillar Limited Edition Zoobie!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Zoobie Pets unfastens to become a pillow and unzips to reveal a yellow blanket with a colorful butterfly design. Unvelcro it’s tummy and you have a pillow.  A perfect companion to the book.  Watch your little on snuggle with The Very Hungry Caterpillar Zoobie Pet while you read from the book.

 Zoobie Pets’ special licensed 40th anniversary edition of Eric Carle’s Very Hungry Caterpillar is our first Zoobie made using PET recycled plastic for the stuffing. 

This limited edition Very Hungry Caterpillar Zoobie has a special hallogram tag, an embroidered monogram and the blanket has a butterfly printed on both sides!

Top 5 Tips for a Safe Halloween

October 5, 2009


When I was young Halloween was just a fun way to get candy.  Sure, there were the “crazy” people that stuck razor blades in apples, so we all knew to throw away the fruit…who cared, we wanted candy!!!

Today Halloween can be a scary time and not just because of the ghosts and gobblins.  Here are the top ten tips to keep your toddler safe on Halloween:

1) Check all labels on costumes, beards, masks and wigs to make sure that they are flame resistant. 

2) Walking in even the best of circumstances can be a challenge to toddlers.  Not falling on Halloween can be a challenge all it’s own.  Make sure that costumes allow your toddler to walk and navigate freely.  Climb steps without tripping.  Tape or sew up the hem of the costume to all little feet to move freely and make sure all shoelaces are tied securely.

3) Halloween evenings are dark and visibility is limited.  Decorate costumes with a bit of reflector tape can go a long way in keeping your toddler visible not only to you but to cars, bicycles and other trick or treaters.

4) A great idea instead of a mask is makeup.  Not only is it fun to create with your child the perfect look but it allows your little one to see and breathe easier than a mask. 

5) The final tip is be very careful to scrutinize any and all treats for tampering.  Examine each and every wrapper and if at all in doubt throw it away.

Have a safe, happy and fun Halloween!

Caden Lane ( for big kids!)

October 1, 2009


Caden Lane has always been a leader in crib bedding of high quality and design but now with the “big kid” bedding line they have outdone themselves.

Take a look at the gorgeous design, the dedication to detail and the fabulous fabric.  Simply lovely!