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Baby Baaaaa, All Bundled Up

August 28, 2008

Finally in stock!  The Lamby Coat by Bearington Baby is perfect for cool autumn weather. 

The Lamb coat from the Bearington Baby collection is swirly and soft complete with hood.  This Lamby coat features satin lining in a soft green and 3 buttons to keep baby warm.

You can’t go wrong with Bearington Baby, known for quality and style!

Mini Houdini – Plush Animals with a Twist

August 21, 2008

Plush animals, no, more like stuffed animals!  Zoobie Pets are stuffed plush animals.  Stuffed you ask?   Yes! Stuffed with a pillow and a blanket!

Now your little one can pretend to be a mini Houdini.  Your toddler can play with his Zoobie Pet and when he gets tired (or just for fun) convert it to a pillow.  Then, wait……..pull out a blanket from his Zoobie Pet.

Zoobie pets are winners of 21 awards and counting.

Toddler Bath Robes

August 18, 2008

Petiteposh has just received a new shipment of the most yummy toddler robes available.  The robes are all Canadian made, are stylish, soft and wash well.  They are made from ultra soft microfibre with a terry clothe lining.  Perfect for after swimming, bathing or over pajamas.  Cuddle and snuggle in these comfy toddler robes, your little one may never want to get dressed!

Play Date? Play Mat!

August 12, 2008

The Play Mat by Wisey is the perfect accessory for the baby/toddler on the go. The Wisey Baby PlayMat is a bag, a change mat, and a play mat all in one – and it�s stylish enough to leave the house with. The bag is designed to turn into a large play mat creating a large and secure place for your baby to play indoors or outdoors. The play mat is made with a waterproof outer shell which is perfect for the park and beach. We love the fact that it folds into a stylish light-weight bag so it is your grab-n-go activity set!

Introducing the New Luxe Collection from Caden Lane

August 8, 2008

The countdown has begun, the much anticipated crib bedding Luxe Collection from Caden Lane is almost ready for shipping.  This nursery bedding collection encompasses everything you would expect from Caden Lane and more.  Luxe, luxurious, lovely…..doesn’t quite cover the beauty and quality of this crib bedding collection.

You can now pre-order the Luxe Crib Bedding Collection from Caden Lane at .  Pre-order now until August 25/08 for $25.00 off the listed price and receive free shipping!  Can’t get much better than this!  $25.00 off and free shipping , offer ends August 25/08.

And the Award Goes To…..The Kangaroo Towel!

August 7, 2008

Learning from nature, yes, that is the key.  Stop and observe, it makes life so much easier!  The Kangaroo towel (appropriately named) has a pouch, just like mama kangaroo to cuddle your baby in after the bath.

Remember the days of lining everything up?  Bath, ready, shampoo, baby lotion, baby oil and all the necessities ….ready.  Baby?  Undressed and ready.  Towel…no room to lay the towel down, what shall we do?  No problem, you wear the Kangaroo towel.  Just slip it on, bathe baby and then slip the baby into the pouch.  Now you can enjoy some quality cuddle time together without worrying about the baby getting a chill.

What about quality you ask?  The Kangaroo towel is made of thick terry and comes beautifully packed in an organza pouch.

Awards you ask?  Yes, the Kangaroo towel has won the iParenting award as well as the New Parents Guide Seal of Approval.


Coupon Day @

August 2, 2008

I can’t believe it is August already!  The summer is half over, amazing.  Here is the coupon code for 10% at, valid until August 15/08….happy shopping and don’t forget to check out our new products!  Coupon Code is august.

Sophie the Giraffe – A Teething Toy

August 1, 2008

Once again the French have surpassed all others!  Just arriving to Petiteposh is Sophie the Giraffe.  Sophie the Giraffe is not just another pretty face, she is a teething toy (not ordinary your boring teething ring) but a giraffe made  of finest rubber and food quality aints,compling with the US safety requirements of ASTM F-963.

Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe