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Travelling wtih Tots – Easy!

June 21, 2010

Travelling with tots……..  It was a brisk, clear winter morning. As we load the car with suitcases, food, toys and 3 pint size tots paranoia sets in. Have we forgotten anything? Quickly, excitement grows and the unnecessary fear is gone. If we did overlook something we can always buy it when we get there. This is going to be great! Our first “roadtrip” with the kids. We get in the car and hop on the highway on route to our family 5 hours away.  

I turn around from the passenger seat and see our oldest child, our daughter, sitting in the middle surrounded by the boys on either side of her. I quickly realize that this was our first mistake. As the boys hit and tease each other, our daughter is instantly caught in the crossfire. Twenty minutes have passed, I’ve managed to calm them down. Unfortunately a new problem has emerged “Are we there yet?”  ”I’m hungry!” A loud, penetrating shriek pierces my ear. But this is no problem, I’m prepared. I have packed travel sized sandwiches, potato chips, juice boxes and just in case someone would like to actually eat healthy, fruit and nuts. What seemed like a sound plan is quickly revealed as a mistake. The potato chips leave crumbs all over and the juice boxes have turned into the current weapon of choice. After all, pointing them in the right direction and squirting can assault your opponent with amazing ease! That was many years ago. Today there are so many products available that help make travel easier, quieter, and more enjoyable.  

-Ever heard the saying, “Music soothes the savage beast?” Okay, so a child is definitely not a beast, that is, at least not until you start travelling. Name your tune has personalized music that your child can sing along to. Take a cd player (or Mp3?), put those earphones on (not too loud) and your child will happily hum along. Name Your Tune Digital is available online at No sound is sweeter than a sleeping baby. Pack a pillow and a blanket as everyone appreciates some “cuddle time”. Zoobie pets are a great “easy to pack” item and are a 3 in 1, a plush that opens to a blanket and pillow. They are available online at 

Crib Bedding, Nursery Bedding, Toddler Bedding

June 14, 2010


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