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New Years Eve

January 4, 2009


New Year Eve!  When I was young (er) New Years Eve meant  going crazy, being with tons of friends, partying and having a blast.  Then as time went on New Years Eve took on a whole new meaning.  A romantic evening ( and night) with my spouse .  A get together with friends. Clubbing,  dinner and dancings.

Then along came the kids, 3 beautiful fun loving children.  New years was spent with them and friends until they no longer had any “use” for a New years eve with their parents.

Now the children are no longer children.  Our daughter even has a child of her own.  This New Years eve we started a new tradition.

We meet for dinner, us, our grown children, their partners and their children.  We meet for an early dinner and then we all go our own way.

I think we have come full circle, nothing like starting a new year surrounded by family!