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Baby Zoobie ….Kojo the Croc Is Now On Sale

July 26, 2011

Baby Zoobie Pet – Kojo the Croc
What is a Zoobie Travel Pet? Is it a stuffed animal? Is it a pillow? Is it a blanket? Yes, yes and yes. Zoobie Travel Pets are all three in one.

And now babies can have their own Zoobie sized just for them with Baby Zoobies. This is the ultimate travel companion for babies are baby zoobies – a soft plush friend to play with while awake and a super soft pillow and blanket for snuggling when it’s time to sleep. Loosen velcro straps on the baby zoobies bottom and the baby zoobie flattens into a cushiony pillow. Unzip the bottom of baby zoobie to reveal a fleece blanket, which is detachable for easy washing.

* Detachable blanket on baby zoobie measures just 23 in. x 29 1/2 in.
* Baby Zoobie fits nicely in diaper bags.
* Feature a furry “comfort corner” to please baby’s love of textures.





Indoor Gardening With Kids

July 25, 2011


Summer is a time for kids to play outdoors and enjoy the warm, sunny weather.  This summer has proven to be a bit too hot for most kids to enjoy playing outside so let’s bring the outside in!

Indoor gardening with kids provides quality time without interference of video games, television and text messaging.  Indoor gardening with you child allows life to slow down a bit while taking the opportunity to teach the laws of nature and show you child how nurturing a plant can give a great sense of fulfillment.

Follow this simple plan and together you and your child will have a wonderful indoor garden to be proud of regardless the weather outside!

1) Create a planting calendar:  this will help you determine when to start sowing your seeds so that they will be ready at the right time to transplant to the outdoors.  To find out when the average frost date is you can call the local garden center.   Cool-season crops like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, lettuce and spinach can be planted outdoors a few weeks before the average last frost date. Warm-season crops like cucumbers, melons, peppers, squash and tomatoes must be planted after the last frost date scheduled on your calendar.   

2) Indoor herb garden: This will not only entice your child to plant and nourish but may just start an interest in cooking!  A sunny windowsill is the perfect place for your herb garden but if one is not available and small table positioned in an area with lots of light will do. When starting from seed, plant them in a moistened mixture containing equal parts of sand, peat moss, and soil. Most herb seeds are so small that they should not be planted more than a quarter –inch deep in moist soil.   Another option is to sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil and cover the surface with a light potting mixture.

3) Growing flowers from seeds:  There are many lovely flowering plants  that are easy to grow from seeds.  Try growing impatiens, geraniums and even pepper plants!  Plant the seeds as instructed in trays and as they grow larger transplant them to 4 inch pots.  Teach your child to water and care for this delicate plant.   Show them how to pinch back the little blooms to make a more lush and full plant.

4) Last but definitely not least find containers that you can recycle to pots for your plants and have fun decoration them!