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Make Your Own Olympic Medal

July 23, 2012

How to make an Olympic medal

Make an olympic medal

Get into the mood for the Olympics by making your own medals.  It’s so easy to do and children of all ages will enjoy both making and wearing their Olympic medals.

Every sporting champion deserves a medal!

You will need:

  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ribbon

make an olympic medalFirst take some card and draw a circle.  You can use any circular object as a guide.

Cut out the circle with scissors.

You can use gold, silver or bronze card or simply cover your card with metallic papers or tin foil or even glitter.

Cut out a number ‘1’ or draw the number ‘1’ onto your circle of card.  You might prefer to write ‘Winner’ or draw an Olympic flame instead.

Then add a ribbon round the edge of your card circle to give your medal the winning edge.

make an olympic medalNow measure a length of ribbon, making sure it will easily fit round your child’s head and glue your decorated circle onto both ends.  You might need to secure it with sticky tape.

You can use your imagination and creativity to decorate your medals any way you like.  Make one per person.  When we made ours to show you we also made a mini medal for a soft toy dog who looked mighty proud to be wearing it too!


Doll Furniture by KidKraft

July 11, 2012


I remember when I was a little girl my grandfather made me a beautiful red cradle for my doll.  To this day I have that beautiful red cradle and have passed it on to my daughter and now to her daughter.

Times have changed, we live a faster paced life and don’t always have the time to make doll furniture that will be passed on from generation to generation.  KidKraft has realized that there is a need for high quality wooden doll furniture and is proud to carry the KidKraft Pretty Butterfly Doll Furniture set.

It is white and pink with butterfly decorations.  The crib comes with its own pad and rocks and has 2 open containers for storage underneath.   The highchair is easy to clean and has easy access for dolls to get in and out.

This lovely doll furniture by KidKraft accommodates a doll up to 18 inches tall.  The two piece doll furniture set consists of a doll’s high chair measuring 13 in L x 10 in W x 23 in H.

The doll cradle measures 21 in Lx 13 in W x 35 in H.

Clifford the Big Red Dog

July 10, 2012

Have you met Clifford the big red dog?  Clifford the Big Red Dog™, is an adventurous and playful pup who will easily become your child’s best friend. From his bright red fur, to his friendly eyes, Clifford is the perfect play pal. The Zoobies® team has worked hard to bring Norman Bridwell’s storybook character to life. Not only is Clifford™ a plush toy, but also a pillow with a uniquely printed cozy coral fleece blanket zipped inside. Clifford™ is sure to become a child’s favorite.

  • Large, super-soft coral fleece blanket inside: 44″ x 34″
  • 100% polyester (additional materials)
  • Washing-Blanket: Machine wash, tumble dry. Blanket zips off for easy washing.
  • Washing-Outer pouch: Spot wash (if machine washed, using a laundry bag designed for delicates is recommended).
  • Two bottom hook-and-loop Velcro tabs gather Storytime Pal™ into character shape.
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up, but safely tested for all ages.

Keeping Your Child Cool

July 4, 2012

Summer is here and it is HOT!

How do you keep your little one cool and happy on these hot summer days?  Simple!  Here are our top 10 favorite things to do when it is too hot to play outside:

1)  First and foremost don’t overdress your child.  Lightweight garments preferably made from natural fiber is an excellent choice. The natural fiber allows the garment to “breathe” . A good rule of thumb to follow is to dress your child the same way that your are dressed, if you are wearing shorts and a light shirt your child will also be comfortable dressed same as you.

2) Keep your child hydrated!  We cannot stress this enough.  Hydrating with water is your best way to keep your child from losing precious fluids and assists in staying cool.  If you baby is too young to drink water trying nursing or bottle feeding a bit more.  Babies should drink at least 50 percent more in the hot summer months.

3) Apply sunscreen every two hours to babies over 6 months.  Stay in shade as much as possible. Babies have thin and sensitive skin, they burn easily and dehydrate quickly.

4) If you are looking for ways to keep you young child entertained and out of the sun there are many easy and inexpensive ways to do this.  Dont’ have easy access to a pool? Set up a large  bowl or low rise container with slightly warm water under a tree or on a shaded deck and let them splash away, having fun and staying cool.

5) Blow bubbles and let them catch and chase them, you can do this indoors or outdoors and it is always great fun to see the excitement in their eyes when the watch the bubbles float away.

Remember, it doesn’t take much to keep you baby and toddler happy.  All you need to do is look around and you will see that there are hidden treasures to play with in your kitchen that will delight and keep you little one cool