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Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

May 26, 2010

School is almost out and the kids will be home for the summer.  Whether you are planning a girls birthday party or a summer afternoon for the little girls in your life they will love having a little girl “spa day”. 

Now you can have a spa day for your little girl and a few of her friends the inexpensive way.  New at are lip baum making kits and soap making kits  .  Each kit is made from all natural products so there are no toxins whatsoever.  These kits are easy to use and are fun for all!

When the girls are finished making their soap and lip baum let them relax and giggle while getting manicures and pedicures with all natural nail polish by Piggy Paint.

When their nails are dry their lip baum and soap will be ready to use….no mess, no fuss, just eco friendly kids fun!  A spa day for little girls that won’t break the bank.

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Transitioning From Crib To Bed

May 22, 2010

Thinking of transitioning your toddler from crib to bed is not to be taken lightly!

Grobag, the most trusted name in baby sleeping bags has developed the most innovative toddler bedding of all time and it is now available at petiteposh

Grobag first duvet bedding set is an all in one duvet cover, bottom sheet and pillowcase set, that has been cleverly designed to make it easier for your little one to move from a cot to a first bed.

If your little one is about to make the transition from a grobag baby sleeping bag to duvets and sheets, then this is the perfect solution.

The ingenious design of the grobag first duvet bedding sets means they’ll have the safety and security of a baby sleeping bag without the fear of them falling out of bed or pillows going over their heads.

(Duvet sold separately)

With the grobag first duvet bedding set, the cover can be securely attached to the fitted bottom sheet using a zip system on both sides, so it’s easy for your little one’s to get into bed, but you’ll have the peace of mind that they can’t fall out! Plus the pillowcase is also attached to the bottom sheet – eliminating the risk of it going over their head in the night.   To view a video on how to use the grobag bedding click here

Integrated duvet cover, pillowcase and fitted sheet

Keeps bedding in place

Makes moving to a big bed easier

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Time Is Running out…30% off All Girls Dresses

May 14, 2010

Time is running out for 30% off all girls dresses at petiteposh .

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Going Green Made Easy

May 11, 2010



Home green home… really couldn’t be easier!  If you are anything like  me you are full of good intentions but basically procrastinate on making changes.  I would like to go green but researching and reading how to do this is just not my thing…I need it simple! 

Here are a few small steps towards going green that I have done and found not too “painful”.  Try them and see how simple it can be!

1) Switch from paper napkins to cloth napkins.   This small step will reduce waste ( and deforestation).

2) Switch from paper towels to microfiber towels. They grip dirt and dust like a magnet.  After using toss them in the laundry and reuse!

3) Unplug computers, televsions, toasters and other household electronics.  They tend to draw power even when they are turned off.

4) Open the drapes or shutters.  Even in winter the sun’s rays can be quite warm.    Take advantage of free heat by opening all window coverings!

Try these four basic changes and you will not only see how easy it is to take a small step to protect the planet by you will save money as well!!

Mini Fashionista? Girls Dresses Now On Sales!

May 11, 2010



Do you have or know of a mini fashionista?  Kids clothing can be so expensive so we have decided to help … is the sale to end all sales!

Petiteposh has joined forces with a local Canadian girls dress designer.  We are now able to offer you an exclusive sale, only available at petiteposh and only for a short time.

All in stock reversible girls dress on 30% off until May 16th!!!!

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Caden Lane, Lovely As Only Caden Lane Can Be

May 10, 2010

Cassie Crib bedding by Caden Lane

Crib bedding by Caden Lane has that perfect look for every nursery decor.

Circles, dots and stripes in this crib bedding will fit just about any decor, contemporary, modern, retro, whatever your style, crib bedding by Caden Lane is the perfect compliment to any nursery.Caden Lane Cassie Bedding Set: 4 Piece crib bedding set includes:

-Reversible 12×2 Inch Slip-Covered Bumpers

-Standard Fitted Sheet

-16 Inch Skirt

-32 Inch Square Blanket

-Machine Washable

-100% Cotton with Minky Accents

Pretend Baking by Kid Kraft

May 7, 2010


I couldn’t resist! I know my granddaughter is not yet 2 but she loves to pretend and she loves to pretend bake!  ( Just like her grandmother .without the pretend part).

I just got this in..the loveliest pretend baking set ever.  It is by Kid Kraft, made of wood and comes in primary ( my favorite) or pastel colors.  An 8 piece pretend baking set for kids….shear genius….I bought it, she loves it and so do I.

Non Toxic Nail Polish or Piggy Paint By Any Other Name

May 6, 2010

Non toxic nail polish by any other name is Piggy Paint!!!!

One day only ….all Piggy Paint on sale for 15% off….enjoy!!!!

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Have You Ever Wondered If You Made a Difference?

May 6, 2010

Have you ever wondered if you are making a difference?  That was my dilemna…until today that is.

When I quit my job a few years ago I opened  This allowed me to work from home which was really my goal.  I found petiteposh challenging ( to say the least) as I had no ecommerce knowledge or experience. I took some courses, changed things up as I went along and finally go the hang of it.

After a year I decided that working from home was great but I needed to make a difference. The whole idea of taking a cut in salary was to enable me to work from home and do some volunteer work .  Work that actually made a difference in someones life. 

After looking around I decided to join St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program.  Me and my dog!  Great! She is the most lovable, gently lab that only a lab can be.  Pacey passed the children friendly tests with ease and we got accepted to the program.  We have been visiting an Autism Class for the past 3 years. 

On our visits to the Autism class the children sing to Pacey.  Learn to pet her.  Hold her leash and walk her around and then at the end of the visit feed her carrots ( her treat of choice).  Some visits are more successful than others ( the children are at the high end of the spectrum, non verbal and sometimes violent). 

This year has been hard on Pacey as she has bad hips, is 10 years old, the visits as well as getting in and out of the car have been hard on her.  I was debating if our visits actually made a difference.  I was thinking of giving up our visits next year.  I wasn’t sure what to do as Pacey really loves her work.  Funny but you can actually see her sense of purpose and she really loves the kids ( autism and all!).

Today I made my decision.  You see, we walked into class and the teacher told one of the students to give Pacey what he brought her .  With the teachers help they handed me a very crumble piece of paper.  I opened it up and it was the most beautiful note I have ever read.  It seems that he sat with his 8 year old sister on the computer and together they composed a thank you note to Pacey tell her  how much he looks forward to her visits and how much they mean to him.

I know that volunteer work should be authentic, not for a thank you but it was sure nice to know that we made a difference….no debating left.  I am going to buy a ramp so that it is easier for Pacey to get in and out of the car and we will continue our visits to the Autism class for as long as she is able.

Sweet Kyla – Sweet Crib Bedding- Oh So Sweet!

May 5, 2010

When researching crib bedding for petiteposh I was trying to find a local company that would hold up to the “petiteposh standards”.  While there are many local crib bedding companies around I was not impressed with the quality or the designs. 

My criteria for crib bedding is:

1) Making sure that the crib bedding is soft for babys delicate skin.

2) Choose crib bedding that can be washed easily and that all of the bedding can be washed.

3) Make sure the crib sheet fits snuggly on the mattress ( a firm mattress is highly recommended)

4) Because many toddlers use the same crib bedding (many cribs are now convertible) I was looking for a luxury crib bedding set that could be used for many years and hold up for many many washings.

5) Of course I could not forget style and designs….

I then found Sweet Kyla crib bedding!  Perfect…Here is a bit about Sweet Kyla…take a look, let me know what you think.

“Isn’t it ironic, that new moms buying Sweet Kyla products today, were first introduced to Sweet Kyla when they were a baby? The product may be different than it was all those years ago but the main ingredients of quality workmanship and commitment to excellence is still there…it makes our story very special …… and very Canadian.

Some companies have to make up a story like ours!

 Sweet Kyla started off as cottage industry in 1978 and for 10 years, the product line was mainly decorative wallhangings made out of wool felt. They were cute, colorful, and ranged in size from 8” high to 60” high. For many years, all the sewing was done in the basement of many fine seamstresses in the Kitchener Ontario area. In 1988 two sisters bought the business and brought their own ideas to the company including the decision to build on the company’s reputation for quality craftsmanship. Manufacturing was brought in-house to make use of more modern production equipment and the focus was directed toward designer baby bedding that is safe and room décor that is both functional as well as decorative.

While other bedding companies have shifted their product overseas, Sweet Kyla stands firm in the belief that you can’t beat the quality of Canadian- made goods. When you combine a very talented production team with a first rate customer service department you have a winning combination that’s rare. Every single person in the company is committed to a high level of quality including the owners who are involved with production and work alongside the employees.

 When you look at the Sweet Kyla logo, you will notice there is an angel and a heart as part of the design. These 2 elements are in memory of a baby girl called Kyla who passed away 30 years ago. She was the daughter of the founder of Sweet Kyla and it is in her name that the company was established.”