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Kaloo Coupon Code

July 28, 2009


Just a reminder that coupon code posh for 10% off of all Kaloo plush toys expires on July 31st. 

Thanks to everyone that took advantage of this 10% off Kaloo coupon, you helped make our Kaloo sale a huge success!

Making Homemade Baby Food – Economical, Easy & Appetizing!

July 24, 2009


Homemade baby food….sounds so easy doesn’t it?  Actually it really is! 

When first starting to prepare homemade baby food you can get a bit overwhelmed.  There are tons of cookbooks for homemade baby food, websites galore tooting the best and easiest recipes. 

Before you start your cookbook library on homemade baby food or bookmark your favorite websites take a moment to decide why you want to make your own baby food.  If you are looking for an ecomonical alternative to store bought baby food you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money you will actually save!  If you are looking to feed your baby the best, most nourishing food possible you are absolutely doing the right thing.

Homemade baby food is surprisingly easy to prepare, doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day, you can freeze food and use it as you need it and you always know what is in the food you are feeding your baby.  The satisfaction of watching your baby grow and develope with homemade baby food is priceless!

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when preparing homemade baby food:
 * pick only the freshest ingredients and when possible use organic

 * make small batches and freeze them in one serving size containers

 * remember, the more colorful the vegetable or fruit the more nutrients

 * puree and blend your baby’s food as creatively as your baby’s age allows

 * be sure to label the date on all homemade baby food that is being frozen, freeze homemade baby food for up to one month

Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes:

Pureed Fruit – no need to measure for homemade pureed fruit.  Take one apple, peel and core it, chop into dices and steam in a scant amount of water, in a pot on the stove, until tender then mash into a texture appropriate for your infant.  If you need to create a more thin apple(sauce) puree, simply add more liquid and blend.

Want to try bananas…easy:  peel a ripe banana, slice into small pieces, transfer the pieces to a bowl and then grab a fork and mash the banana. 

Mix bananas and apples …get creative!  It really is that easy!

Kaloo – On Sale!!!

July 17, 2009


It doesn’t happen often, a Kaloo sale is an every now and then event!

For 2 weeks only all Kaloo is on sale at petiteposh with coupon code posh.  Pick which Kaloo plush toy you want, go to check out, insert coupon code posh and receive 10% off your order of Kaloo! 

It can’t get easier than that for your exclusive Kaloo coupon!

Don’t forget, this offer is valid until July 31/09 and while quantities last.

Bathing Baby

July 5, 2009


Bathing Baby

You are just home from the hospital with your precious baby.  Reality is now setting in, where to begin?  You know you are going to be the best parent ever, no question there.  Then you realize there are so many other things to consider.  Besides loving your baby with beyond any emotion you have ever experienced you need to keep your baby well fed, warm and clean.

The first bath can be intimidating for all parents, experienced or otherwise.  Here’s how to bathe baby and what you’ll need to make baby-bathing easy. With any luck, his bath will become one of the most enjoyable parts of your days together:

1.Assemble all necessary bath accessories close to the bathing area and in easy reach.

2. Fill the tub with 2 to 3 inches of water that feels warm but not hot, about 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius).  You can dip your elbow in and if the water feels luke warm that is about right.

3. Make sure the bathing area is warm and free of drafts.  Bring your baby to the bath area and undress him completely.

4. Gradually slip your baby into the tub, using one hand to support his neck and head. Pour cupfuls of bath water over him regularly during the bath so he doesn’t get too cold.  Some parents find the Spa Baby Tub a great way to bathe baby as the baby is never really without water and stays snug and warm throughout the bath time.

5. Use soap sparingly (it dries your baby’s skin) as you wash him with your hand or a washcloth from top to bottom, front to back. Gently wash his scalp with a wet, soapy cloth. Use a moistened cotton ball to clean his eyes and face. As for your baby’s genitals, a routine washing is all that is needed. If dried mucus has collected in the corner of your baby’s nostrils or eyes, dab it several times with a small section of a moistened washcloth to soften it before you wipe it out.

6. Rinse your baby thoroughly with a clean washcloth.

7. Wrap your baby in a hooded towel and pat him dry.  The Kangaroo Towel is a product that is highly recommended.  You wear this hooded towel while bathing baby, then when you are ready to take the baby out of the tub, just slip him into the towels pouch.  Baby never gets cold and you can cuddle and make baby feel secure immediately.

8.  If his skin is dry, or if he has a bit of a diaper rash, you may want to apply a mild lotion after his bath.

Although some parents bathe their babies every day, until yours is crawling around and getting into messes, a bath isn’t really necessary more than once or twice a week. (Just wash his face frequently and thoroughly clean his genital area after each diaper change.) When you do bathe him, you may find it a little scary to handle your wiggly little one when he’s all soapy and slippery, so keep a good grip. Most babies find the warm water very soothing.

Natural Wooden Toys New to

July 1, 2009



For over a decade, ImagiPLAY has created high-quality educational toys that inspire children’s imaginations and the desire to explore. With the abundance of toys available for children today, ImagiPLAY sets itself apart from the rest through its motto: “Toys with Integrity.” By producing quality products that connect with nature, have eco-friendly sources, and hold educational value, ImagiPLAY works to benefit the earth we share and the people that inhabit it.

ImagiPLAY products have been recognized by the media, children’s advocacy groups, and parents’ organizations for their outstanding quality, design and ability to inspire imagination. It has received awards from Parenting Magazine, Creative Child Magazine, Dr. Toy, Parents’ Choice Foundation and many other well-respected groups. But most importantly, ImagiPLAY’s products have helped thousands of children worldwide to discover themselves and their world as they navigate the waters of the human Age of Exploration.

Here is just one example of the natural wood toys and puzzles now available at