Teethers – The Non Toxic Kind

Circus Teethers are a fun and stylish way to sooth sore gums for teething babies.  Each set contains three rings: “Monkey” (flexible), Seal (firm), and Lion (rigid).  All three rings fit snugly into a compact case.  Now you have a place to store the baby teether!  These baby teethers are made of the same Medial Grade materials that hospitals and dentists trust for use in their equipment.  Medical grade plastics are held to a higher standard than commodity grade ones.  They are produced according to specifications set out by the USP and ISO for quality and bio-compatibility.  Simply put, they are the best of the best.  What’s more, the rings are manufactured in a “class 7” cleanroom environment – an environment sterile enough for the manufacture of DNA testing equipment. 
DANO2 knows the best way to ensure safe, high-quality, products is to manufacturer them close to home here in the USA.  Local American manufacturing ensures higher quality products and a smaller carbon footprint.  These Circus Teethers not only promote healthy playing, but they stimulate economic growth and give jobs to the American manufacturer. 
Size:  2.5 inches

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