Top 5 Tips for a Safe Halloween


When I was young Halloween was just a fun way to get candy.  Sure, there were the “crazy” people that stuck razor blades in apples, so we all knew to throw away the fruit…who cared, we wanted candy!!!

Today Halloween can be a scary time and not just because of the ghosts and gobblins.  Here are the top ten tips to keep your toddler safe on Halloween:

1) Check all labels on costumes, beards, masks and wigs to make sure that they are flame resistant. 

2) Walking in even the best of circumstances can be a challenge to toddlers.  Not falling on Halloween can be a challenge all it’s own.  Make sure that costumes allow your toddler to walk and navigate freely.  Climb steps without tripping.  Tape or sew up the hem of the costume to all little feet to move freely and make sure all shoelaces are tied securely.

3) Halloween evenings are dark and visibility is limited.  Decorate costumes with a bit of reflector tape can go a long way in keeping your toddler visible not only to you but to cars, bicycles and other trick or treaters.

4) A great idea instead of a mask is makeup.  Not only is it fun to create with your child the perfect look but it allows your little one to see and breathe easier than a mask. 

5) The final tip is be very careful to scrutinize any and all treats for tampering.  Examine each and every wrapper and if at all in doubt throw it away.

Have a safe, happy and fun Halloween!


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