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Dollhouse to the Stars

October 22, 2009


My granddaughter is almost 1 1/2 years old now and just discovering how much fun it is to go shopping!  When it is my turn to pick her up from daycare I usually take her shopping.  If the weather is nice we go to the plaza, if the weather is not, we go to the mall.  She loves running around, pointing to bright signs and smiling at strangers that smile back at her.

One day we were at the mall, looking in a very upscale toy store and saw the most beautiful dollhouse we had ever seen.  I know that Maia is still to young to enjoy this dollhouse but I am sure there a lots of children that would love to have their fashion dolls live in this fashionable dollhouse. 

With the holiday season approaching and budgets in mind, why not surprise your little one with one fabulous gift instead of alot of little ones?  This Kayla Dollhouse by Kid Kraft is just about the most perfect dollhouse ever!