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Have You Met Kimba?

September 26, 2011




Have you met the newest addition to our Zoobie Pet collection?  Kimba the Koala and her baby Koala are just waiting for the right home.  This adorable zoobie pet is not only three in one, blanket, pillow and plush toy but also a baby Koala to play with!  Kimba The Koala Zoobie Pet is a lovely light lavender and just waiting for you to scoop her up.


New Zoobie Pets!!!

April 10, 2009


Just in time for a visit to the zoo!

When my children were young, as soon as spring arrived, one of our favorite outings was a visit to the zoo.  We would all pile into the car and off we would go to see the monkey, polar bears and all the other animals that the zoo had to offer.

Before we left the house we would plan our trip so that everyone had enough time to visit their favorite animal.  Then each one would grab the plush animal toy that related to the visit at the zoo.

My oldest would always grab her polar bear as the polar bears were her favorite exhibit.  She loved to watch them wallow in the sun and then if she got lucky they would jump in the water.  She would hold her polar bear plush toy up high so that he could also watch the real bears at the zoo.

The twins were another story.  They would fight over which one would take the crocodile to the zoo although we would explain over and over that the zoo did not have crocodiles.

They would eventually decide on other plush animals to take along.  The panda was always a favorite (although there were no pandas at the zoo!) and the tiger was a constant visitor with us.

Now Zoobies have come out with their own version of plush animal toys.  Petiteposh has just received a new shipment of wonderful new zoobies and baby zoobies.

Check out the baby crocodile, the panda, polar bear and the limited edition of the Koala with baby koala ( my favorite!)


Zoobies ae winners of over 30 awards and counting.  They are a unique 3 in 1 plush toy, pillow and blanket!

Green Toys for a Greener Planet

December 1, 2008


Green toys for a green planet. Your children will inherit the earth, I know, a bit cliche but definitely true! The toys we give them should help the planet in any little way we can. The time to start teaching our children is now and we can all do our part. is now proud to announce that we are carrying Green Toys. Green toys uses recycled milk containers as the main ingredient in creating our toys. Yes, the exact plastic milk jugs that you and your family drink from every day. When you finish your milk and toss the container in the recycling bin, these milk containers are collected at your curb by a local recycling company, who then sorts them from all the other types of plastic. Next, the milk containers are reprocessed into super clean fresh plastic. For you plastic geeks, the plastic material we use is called high-density polyethylene (or HDPE). This material is considered one of the safest, cleanest plastics around.

Check out these great Green Toys today!

cookware-and-dine tea-cup-set1

Stocking Stuffers for Children

November 18, 2008


Stocking stuffers for small children are not so easy to find. With the economy as it is we want the biggest bang for our buck. The perfect stocking stuffer is something that is useful, fun to use, will last (for more than a week 🙂 and won’t break the bank!

Until the end of November (or until supplies last), is offering the perfect deal for the holidays.

For every Baby Zoobie purchased until November 30th you will receive a free wrist rattle by Kaloo. An $8.95 value with the purchase of a Baby Zoobie. Not only do you save money but you get a wrist rattle stocking stuffer for free!

Remember, this stocking stuffer sweet deal is available only until November 30th or until supplies last!

tortoise2 giraffe1 pink-hippo1 wrist-rattles

Dr. Toy’s Best New Product…Zoobie Pets

October 17, 2008

Tama the Tortoise win Dr Toy’s best new product:

We’re excited to announce our 32nd award, Dr. Toy’s Best New Products.

“The items were chosen by Dr. Toy, aka Stevanne Auerbach, PhD., who has been evaluating children’s products for more than 25 years, to compliment the goal of providing the most current information for parents, grandparents and teachers. The Best Picks were chosen as the latest new products that utilize innovation in specifically captivating a child’s interest through play to learn, be creative and physically active, while providing consumers with more choices for home and classroom.”

Zoobie Pets are now available at

Mini Houdini – Plush Animals with a Twist

August 21, 2008

Plush animals, no, more like stuffed animals!  Zoobie Pets are stuffed plush animals.  Stuffed you ask?   Yes! Stuffed with a pillow and a blanket!

Now your little one can pretend to be a mini Houdini.  Your toddler can play with his Zoobie Pet and when he gets tired (or just for fun) convert it to a pillow.  Then, wait……..pull out a blanket from his Zoobie Pet.

Zoobie pets are winners of 21 awards and counting.