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How To Choose Crib Bedding

May 31, 2012

You are preparing the nursery, you have picked the colour,  found the perfect decor for the walls and now must decide on which crib bedding is the best for your baby and works with your budget.

1)  One of the most important parts of crib bedding is the mattress.  While we may prefer a soft and springy mattress, that can be dangerous for your baby.  A firm mattress that will support your baby’s back is the ideal mattress.

2)  Decide on a budget and stick to it.  Most crib bedding manufacturers offer a wide range of bedding prices.  At we offer crib bedding ranging in pricing from$2,000.00 to $200.00.  The crib bedding you choose should be affordable, comfortable and compliments your nursery decor.

3)  Whatever your budget you should make sure that all bedding that touches your baby’s skin is soft and won’t irritate. The higher the thread count the softer the sheets are against baby’s body.  For an alternative instead of high thread count sheets, 100% cotton sheets are also very soft and come standard with most crib bedding sets.

4)  A wise choice would be sheets that are machine washable.  You won’t have time to hand wash or spot treat .

5)  Decide if you want a bumper or bumperless crib bedding.  Health Canada does not recommend the use of bumper pads in cribs because they pose an entanglement, entrapment, strangulation, and suffocation hazard to infants.

When shopping for crib bedding take into consideration the amount of time the bedding will be in use.  Will your baby be moving on to a toddler bed with the same dimensions of the crib.  If that is the case you can plan on continuing to use the same bedding.

At we offer a large array of crib bedding as well as matching nursery decor.  Take a look, shop around and if you love our bedding let us know!

Simply Stunning! Crib Bedding by Green Frog Art

May 3, 2012


Crib bedding doesn’t get more luxurious than this!

The Aspine 5 piece crib bedding set by Green Frog Art allows you to easily create a beautiful environment full of exceptional quality and style with this gorgeous ivory crib bedding set.  Rest assured, baby will sleep in comfort on this luxurious crib bedding set.

This five-piece crib set includes a bumper, coverlet, two crib skirts and one fitted sheet.


Simply stunning!!!!!

For today only use coupon code posh at check out for 10% off this gorgeous crib bedding set (while supplies last) . And don’t forget, all Green Frog crib bedding ships for FREE!

Crib Bedding Just For Spring

May 4, 2011

Spring is finally here and just in time Sweet Kyla Crib Bedding has a brand new spring look.  Crib bedding by Sweet Kyla can’t get much sweeter than this lovely crib bedding set.

If you are not familiar with Sweet Kyla crib bedding you are definitely missing out.  Sweet Kyla crib bedding is made from high quality cotton and you have your choice of a 4 piece bedding set with a bumper or a 3 piece bedding set without the bumper.

Looking for a different style?  Check out all of the crib bedding sets and don’t forget to decorate your nursery with all the matching accessories. Sweet Kyla offers everything to decorate and plan the perfect nursery.

Rock A Bye Baby – In Luxurious Cradle Bedding

February 22, 2011

Cradle bedding has never been so luxurious and affordable at the same time.  Petiteposh is proud to introduce Cradle Bedding by Green Frog Art.  Choose from neutral cradle bedding to masculine cradle bedding to feminine cradle bedding.  You will be sure to find the perfect cradle bedding for any and all nursery decor.  Take a look, let us know what you think about the latest addition to petiteposh and our luxurious line of cradle bedding.


Canadian Made Crib Bedding

November 19, 2010

Not many baby bedding manufacturers can label their bedding as “Made in Canada”…but we can! And Sweet Kyla baby bedding is very proud to say they’ve been doing it for 30 years.

We’ve look high and low and finally found the perfect addition to our crib bedding sets and nursery decor!  Petiteposh is proud to announce Sweet Kyla baby bedding and accessories are now available at!

When you buy a Sweet Kyla baby bedding set, you can feel confident that each and every item has been made with loving care using only the best textiles on the market today. The selection of designs and accessories make it very easy for new parents to create a nursery that’s safe and stimulating for baby. Plan to spend some time browsing Sweet Kyla’s products. We’ve included lots of images and other useful information.

Crib Bedding With a Decorative Flair

March 11, 2010

Decorating a nursery is no easy task.  You want the nursery to be perfect for you perfect bundle of joy.

Crib bedding should not only reflect the atmosphere of the nursery but the comfort also.  Keep in mind when choosing crib bedding that you need it to wash well, be soft and comfortable and be well made as it is something you may want to pass down from child to child.

You may want to look at a new line of crib bedding now available at  This crib bedding is not only gorgeous but also great quality and if you feel the need is available in organic cotton also.

All bedding sets have the option of accessorizing with lamp shades, pillows, valances and more.  Take a look, let us know what you thing!

Nursery Decor or Personalized Baby Gift?

February 27, 2010

Nursery decor or a perfectly personalized baby gift?  You tell us what you think!

These gorgeous nursery prints are  made with environmentally friendly biographic matte paper.

Choose from different personalized designs and colors to add color and class to any nursery.

7 Ways to Save Money When You Have A Baby -Tip #1

February 6, 2009


Saving money when you have a baby is no easy task as we all know.  Our top tip on saving money when you have a baby is design your own nursery with refurbished furniture.  Refurbishing furniture allows you to give the nursery your own distinctive designe and sense of flair!

Here are some tips I found on a site called make your own baby stuff.

Saving Money When Furnishing a Baby Nursery and DIY Baby Bedroom FurnitureDIY baby nursery furniture does not mean getting out the wood and building the furniture yourself. You can save a lot of money by simply knowing where to shop, finding used or unfinished furniture, and painting, staining, and/ or finishing it yourself. DIY Nursery furniture means creating new unique and chic pieces of furniture from old,unfinished, and used furniture.

The best thing about doing-it-yourself is that you get to completely customize every piece of furniture in your baby’s bedroom to match whatever your style or theme is. If your aim is to go out and buy furniture that is made to match a certain theme, you’re talking big bucks. The DIY way is a way to save a substantial amount of money and still get very stylish and chic baby bedroom furniture.

DIY baby bedroom furniture – ways to customize your baby nursery furniture:

thrift-store-rocking-chair Stripping, Sanding, and Staining – Find used and old wood furniture in need of a little TLC. All you have to do is strip off any old paints or bad finish coating. Sand the surface to create a nice smooth surface. Stain you newly smooth wood surface to create beautiful natural wood furniture. Apply a finish coat of clear polyurethane. You’ll be amazed at the results.

Using Paint – OK, so maybe you’re not into the natural wood look. Make bright and beautiful furniture, or classic furniture with clean lines by adding a new coat of paint to some old furniture.

Buy unfinished wood furniture – You will find so much value in a wood mill store. The furniture will not always be on the cheapest side but what you will get is furniture to last a lifetime for a fantastic price. Paint or stain the wood to your liking or pay the store to do it for you.

Add Custom Hardware – Shop at home improvement store to buy new and stylish hardware to old furniture.

Sewing New Cushions and Seating – Refurbishing and old changing table or rocking chair? Use hip new fabric textiles and padding to create new pillows and seating cushions.

Where to shop for used and unfinished baby bedroom furniture

shopping for used baby furniture Thrift stores – Check out used and second hand stores like the Salvation Army and consignment shops. Check local listings as well. Many times you will find a consignment or second hand store that carries children’s items and furniture exclusively.

Used furniture Stores – This is the ultimate place to shop for your baby bedroom furniture. Think outside of the box when you are shopping. Do not only look for furniture that was made especially for babies or children. Keep an eye out for furniture that is simply built smaller than most. Look for items that may not have been intended for a baby, but can made to do the job. For example, I went shopping for furniture for my daughter, mainly to look for someplace to keep some of her clothes. I ended up buying a night stand

cute baby chair from thrift store that was really just an unusually tall piece of furniture and had a lot of drawers. It may not have been meant to be a baby’s bureau, but it sure does do the job. I took it home and gave it a new coat of paint. It already had really great antique hardware on it, so it was super easy. I just added some cute drawer liners. The whole project cost me $20.00.
Other great examples of thinking outside of the box – turn a set of shelves into a baby changing table and diaper changing station by adding a little bit of a bigger table to the top and creating a changing pad. You can even match the fabric of the changing pad to something hip to match the baby room. You could even change a wardrobe bureau into a changing table.

Natural Wood Mill Furniture Store – This is the store where they sell all of the furniture and items unfinished. You can opt to pay more for the items and have them painted or stained at the store in the color or finish of your choice. Or you can bring it on home and do it yourself. These stores are great because each and every piece that you buy is quality. These stores usually sell furniture made out of really nice wood that will last you a very long time. Go here if you want real quality and value.

Babylicious….Crib Bedding with a fresh new look

June 3, 2008

I had started searching for  a new line of crib bedding to add to  Something with a fresh style, cool and “hip”.  I found it at Babylicious which is a Canadian company with a whole new look for the nursery.  Excellent quality, affordable pricing and styles that will compliment any nursery.

Crib Bedding Groovy Blue by Babylicious                 Groovy Pink Crib Bedding by Babylicious             Babylicious Baby Bedding the Island Collection              Crib Bedding - Posie Collection by Babylicious

Let Sleeping Babies Sleep

March 28, 2008


 Funny how things change.  With my first child I was so over protective.  If she slept more than 3 hours I would make sure she was still breathing, I was constantly checking to make sure the nursery was a constant temperature, that she was covered (we still used blankets back then) and on and on. 

Then when I had the boys I let them sleep forever if they would.  Sure I still checked up on them every now and then but basically, if they slept ( btw they are twins) that meant either quality time with their sister or I could actually RELAX!

Today things seem a bit different, better I think.  There are room thermometers that show you if the room temperature is right.  You don’t even have to enter the room and go up to read the thermometer, you can just peek in the door and check if the color is right. eggs-1.jpg   No need to even enter the room to make sure the baby is covered, all snuggly and warm.  No blankets to fall off, just a beautiful sleeping bag which keeps baby comfortable all night in any weather. 


Don’t forget the gorgeous decor, any baby would love to stay in the crib with this bedding!

presss.jpg Made by Caden Lane and endorsed by many celebrities for their babies, good enough for them, good enough for mine.