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Flavio the Frog with Mini Plush, New Zoobie Pet

April 26, 2012

Now available in Canada !!!!! Flavio the Frog with mini me 🙂

This flamboyant furry frog zoobie pet is sure to leap its way into your child’s heart. Not only is Flavio™ a cuddly amphibian zoobie pet, but also a comfy pillow and super-soft coral fleece blanket all in one. Flavio the frog zoobie pet comes with a mini friend! Perfect for road excursions or just cuddling in bed. Flavio™ also makes for the ideal baby shower gift.

  • Microbead stuffed head for ultimate squishability™
  • Large, super-soft coral fleece blanket zipped inside: 44″ x 34″
  • L: 16″ x W: 6.5″ x H: 8.5″
  • 100% polyester (additional materials)
  • Washing-Blanket: Machine wash, tumble dry. Blanket zips off for easy washing.
  • Washing-Outer pouch: Spot wash (if machine washed, using a laundry bag designed for delicates is recommended).
  • Two bottom hook-and-loop Velcro tabs gather Blanket Pet™ into animal shape.

Now you can have the Zoobie pet blanket personalized with the child’s name!

Baby Zoobie ….Kojo the Croc Is Now On Sale

July 26, 2011

Baby Zoobie Pet – Kojo the Croc
What is a Zoobie Travel Pet? Is it a stuffed animal? Is it a pillow? Is it a blanket? Yes, yes and yes. Zoobie Travel Pets are all three in one.

And now babies can have their own Zoobie sized just for them with Baby Zoobies. This is the ultimate travel companion for babies are baby zoobies – a soft plush friend to play with while awake and a super soft pillow and blanket for snuggling when it’s time to sleep. Loosen velcro straps on the baby zoobies bottom and the baby zoobie flattens into a cushiony pillow. Unzip the bottom of baby zoobie to reveal a fleece blanket, which is detachable for easy washing.

* Detachable blanket on baby zoobie measures just 23 in. x 29 1/2 in.
* Baby Zoobie fits nicely in diaper bags.
* Feature a furry “comfort corner” to please baby’s love of textures.





Zoobie Pets on Sale!

December 15, 2009

Need a little help with gifts for the holiday season?  How about the award winning Zoobie Pets?

Zoobie pets are a 3 in 1 gift that no one can resist.  A plush animal that opens to a blanket and pillow.

And today, at all Zoobie Pets are on sale for 10% off (while supplies last).  Use coupon code zoobie at check out…but hurry,  when they’re gone, they’re gone!

CityLine TV loves Zoobies

February 18, 2009


City Line had a parenting show today and Zoobies ( available at were featured!


Ok, I know the picture isn’t great, I am working on that but the Zoobies are circled.

Stocking Stuffers for Children

November 18, 2008


Stocking stuffers for small children are not so easy to find. With the economy as it is we want the biggest bang for our buck. The perfect stocking stuffer is something that is useful, fun to use, will last (for more than a week 🙂 and won’t break the bank!

Until the end of November (or until supplies last), is offering the perfect deal for the holidays.

For every Baby Zoobie purchased until November 30th you will receive a free wrist rattle by Kaloo. An $8.95 value with the purchase of a Baby Zoobie. Not only do you save money but you get a wrist rattle stocking stuffer for free!

Remember, this stocking stuffer sweet deal is available only until November 30th or until supplies last!

tortoise2 giraffe1 pink-hippo1 wrist-rattles

New Bearington Baby Bear

September 4, 2008

We have just received a new shipment from Bearington Baby.  The new Bon Bon teddy bear is just that ….bon!  This 10″ teddy bear is a deep chocolate brown in color, all dress up with a satin bow around it’s neck.

If you are looking for a classic teddy bear you have found it!

Mini Houdini – Plush Animals with a Twist

August 21, 2008

Plush animals, no, more like stuffed animals!  Zoobie Pets are stuffed plush animals.  Stuffed you ask?   Yes! Stuffed with a pillow and a blanket!

Now your little one can pretend to be a mini Houdini.  Your toddler can play with his Zoobie Pet and when he gets tired (or just for fun) convert it to a pillow.  Then, wait……..pull out a blanket from his Zoobie Pet.

Zoobie pets are winners of 21 awards and counting.