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Padded Knees for Crawling Babies

June 18, 2009


Summer seems to be taking her sweet time getting to us.  Seems like we have one nice warm summery day and then rain and cool weather the next. 

Crawling babies are notorious for scrape, rough and red knees.  Summer time is the worst as babies knees are not protected.  Now that the weather is still cool crawling babies need all the protection they can get.

We have put all of our Bees Knees crawling pants with knee pads on sale ….limited quantities so when they run out they are gone!

Hoping this small gesture helps in the tough economic times.  You can save anywhere from 17% to 33% on Bees Knees crawling pants with knee pads.

Crawling Pants with Knee Pads – Brilliant!

January 8, 2009


Way back when my kids were crawling there really wasn’t very much available to protect their little knees from scrapes and scratches.  They would crawl on any surface, wooden flooring, ceramic tiles (very cold), and even ashpalt driveways (painful).

Today there are many options available to protect those little legs from scratches and scrapes.  I have looked at may crawling pants with knee pads, overalls with knee pads and just knee pads for babies without the clothing.   Some crawling pants with knee pads are comfortable but not too stylish.  They are comparable to sleepers with knee pads for babies.

Then I came upon Bees Knees Crawling Pants with knee pads.  Brilliant!  These crawling pants are stylish and comfortable for baby.  They have a roomy design so that even the most active crawler will be comfortable.

Bee’s Knees crawling pants have cushy neoprene insert knee pads that are compression resistant, yet soft and stretchable. Neoprene is specifically designed for medical support and protective products.