Kid Friendly Flower Gardens

Spring is finally here and the gardener in all  of us is just waiting to be released.  This year why not have some fun with your garden and plant edible flowers.  Not only are these flowers a great addition to you kitchen but they add lovely color to your garden.

Here is a list of easy to grow edible flowers :

1) Daisies – the petals are edible. Their lovely white color looks fabulous scattered over a salad or sprinkled on soup.

2)Clover – clover grows wild in many fields. The whole flower is edible and are actually a high source of protein. 

3) Sunflower – the seeds of the sunflower are edible but did you know that the buds and petals are also edible?  Their taste is somewhere between bitter and sweet.

4) Roses – the rose petals are edible although the white part of the petal tends to be bitter so it is best to cut that part off.  Some ways to use rose petals are on top of decorated cakes or placed in water for ice cubes.  The red rose petals tend to be a bit tastier than the other colors.

5) Pansies – The flowers and petals are edible and so vibrantly pretty.   Use the Pansie for decorating cakes and sprinkling on salads.

Those are our top 5 picks of edible flowers for your garden.  Easy to plant and grow, even if eating your flowers is not for you they will make a lovely addition to you garden .

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