Making Homemade Baby Food – Economical, Easy & Appetizing!


Homemade baby food….sounds so easy doesn’t it?  Actually it really is! 

When first starting to prepare homemade baby food you can get a bit overwhelmed.  There are tons of cookbooks for homemade baby food, websites galore tooting the best and easiest recipes. 

Before you start your cookbook library on homemade baby food or bookmark your favorite websites take a moment to decide why you want to make your own baby food.  If you are looking for an ecomonical alternative to store bought baby food you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of money you will actually save!  If you are looking to feed your baby the best, most nourishing food possible you are absolutely doing the right thing.

Homemade baby food is surprisingly easy to prepare, doesn’t take a lot of time out of your day, you can freeze food and use it as you need it and you always know what is in the food you are feeding your baby.  The satisfaction of watching your baby grow and develope with homemade baby food is priceless!

Here are a few simple guidelines to follow when preparing homemade baby food:
 * pick only the freshest ingredients and when possible use organic

 * make small batches and freeze them in one serving size containers

 * remember, the more colorful the vegetable or fruit the more nutrients

 * puree and blend your baby’s food as creatively as your baby’s age allows

 * be sure to label the date on all homemade baby food that is being frozen, freeze homemade baby food for up to one month

Easy Homemade Baby Food Recipes:

Pureed Fruit – no need to measure for homemade pureed fruit.  Take one apple, peel and core it, chop into dices and steam in a scant amount of water, in a pot on the stove, until tender then mash into a texture appropriate for your infant.  If you need to create a more thin apple(sauce) puree, simply add more liquid and blend.

Want to try bananas…easy:  peel a ripe banana, slice into small pieces, transfer the pieces to a bowl and then grab a fork and mash the banana. 

Mix bananas and apples …get creative!  It really is that easy!

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2 Responses to “Making Homemade Baby Food – Economical, Easy & Appetizing!”

  1. Perfecting Motherhood Says:

    I agree with you, homemade baby food is best, for many reasons: financial, environmental and nutritional. I too made my own baby food for my two babies and they turned out OK!
    I put a quick list together to help moms get started on this, and make sure they don’t purchase unnecessary equipment to do it, as they probably already own what they need. I’d like to comment that electric steamers are an easy, healthy way to cook foods for babies!

  2. muebelhoer Says:

    Homemade baby food is the only way to go! When my daughter first started to eat baby food we only purchased organic baby food until she started having reactions to some of the ingredients. Another thing was when I looked at the labels and saw some of the ingredients that were in it. I started out with making her applesauce and pear sauce and I got hooked! I have great recipes for both of them!

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